Kim Novak Plastic Surgery: She Discusses Her Regrets Concerning Cosmetic Surgery!

kim novak plastic surgery

Marilyn Pauline “Kim” Novak is an American actress and painter who has retired from film and television. Novak began her career in 1954 after signing a contract with Columbia Pictures, and she soon rose to become one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actresses with roles in films such as Picnic, The Man with the Golden Arm, and Pal Joey.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery

kim novak plastic surgery

Recently, actress Kim Novak disclosed that she has regrets regarding cosmetic procedures. In a recent interview, the 88-year-old “Vertigo” actress acknowledged that obtaining fat injections in her face was “the stupidest thing” she has ever done.

Today, dermal fillers are more prevalent than ever before, but facial injections can easily take a regrettable turn. In 2014, Novak attended the 86th Academy Awards after receiving facial injections, which left a lasting impression on her admirers — albeit not the one she desired.

At the time, many viewers reacted to Novak’s newly revealed appearance on Twitter, including now-former U.S. President Donald Trump, who encouraged her to “sue her plastic surgeon.”

Novak explained that she had been feeling insecure and believed that a cosmetic procedure would help.

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kim novak plastic surgery

“Know when you feel apprehensive and believe someone can assist you? Novak told The Guardian, “I didn’t want a facelift or anything similar, so I went to a doctor and he injected fat into my face.” “That was the most idiotic action I could have taken. First of all, I didn’t need it because my visage is already too round. However, it filled out my cheekbones, altering my appearance.

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According to the actress, it was the constant online criticism of her new appearance that ultimately lead to her retirement from acting. Novak stated that she was “too vulnerable” for Hollywood and “took things too personally.”

“It’s exciting to wear beautiful clothes and to feel and appear seductive. It’s lovely, but it’s a trap,” she continued, adding that becoming dependent on beauty, which is transient, is a recipe for disappointment. “You become satisfied with that being sufficient, but later in life, it is no longer sufficient. So many individuals fell apart when they grew older and were no longer admired for their beauty.

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