Kim Kardashian Transforms Her House Into a Halloween Spider

Arachnophobes, avoid your eyes!

About Oct. 31, Kim Kardashian showed her Calabasas house’s Halloween appearance, and it’s downright terrifying. The fact superstar had her home changed into a giant pink spider, finish with halls coated white spider webs with eerie reddish lights. 

Kim, that often favor a minimalist vibe to her residence on regular days, toured lovers about her spooky new home onto her Instagram Reels. The mogul showed the numerous parts of spider decoration within her house such as a giant projection display that revealed arachnoids running . 

Kim also revealed off animatronic (at leastwe expect they are animatronic! ) ) Tarantulas moving up and down in the ceiling. But, possibly the most upsetting thing from the Kardashian-West Halloween home was that the area with a giant spider only waiting in the middle. 

Just how Kim and her family can sleep in this house knowing that there are several creepy crawly items on display is uncertain.

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