Kim Kardashian Posts Images From The Backstage Of The Rapunzel Photo Shoot!

Kim Kardashian Posts Images from The Backstage of The Rapunzel Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian has hair that looks like it belongs in a fairytale.

The 41-year-old star of the reality television series The Kardashians channeled Rapunzel in some behind-the-scenes images from her most recent Allure session, which she posted on Instagram on Saturday.

“How do you pronounce Rapunzel? Repunzle? lol, “Kardashian wrote in the post’s caption. Chris McMillan, a hairstylist, commented in the comments section, “You got it perfect. Olivia Pierson wrote, “Lma who knows!

She was seen wearing a nude mesh bodysuit, see-through stilettos, and matching evening gloves in other pictures. Her long blonde extensions fell to the floor as she stood on a couch wearing metallic silver eye makeup to complete the effect.

While sporting the classic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” outfit worn to the Met Gala in May by Marilyn Monroe, Kardashian previously declared she would “risk getting my hair to fall out” if she went blonde. She also spoke candidly to Vogue about the “14 hours straight” she spent bleaching.

I thought I would wait and do it for this, but I did want a physical change, too. As a result, Kardashian stated, “I’m spending a day straight dying my hair — 14 hours straight! — to get it done.”

The former member of the Kardashian family revealed last month that her skincare line, Skkn by Kim, would debut. She went to the company’s Times Square billboard last week.

Kim Kardashian explained to PEOPLE how the beauty regimen she follows at home served as inspiration for the brand, which comprises nine products.

In a statement made last month, Kardashian added, “I wanted it to be as genuine as possible. “I rarely stray from it because you have to put in the effort if you want a result. Obviously, being a mom sometimes leaves me exhausted, but I’ve made it a priority. It also doesn’t take as long as you may anticipate.”

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