Kesha admits unnatural podcast’Kesha Along With The Creepies’

Kesha is intended to start a brand new podcast about”unnatural adventures”, branded Kesha Along With The Creepies.

The pop star will launch the very first episode of this new show next Friday (November 20) through iHeartMedia’s podcast community.

Kesha is going to be combined on the very first setup by special guest Alice Cooper, although the entire year will see her speak to many different guests regarding”their supernatural adventures, the occult, unexplained mysteries, urban legends, and psychedelic artwork, spirituality, astrology, and even more”.

Trippie Redd, comic Whitney Cummings, Hollywood Medium’s Tyler Henry and much more are also set to appear at future episodes. At a preview, Kesha asserted to attract fans to”my twisted world” and discuss”little famous stories from mythical shock-rocker Alice Cooper” and much more.

View the trailer for your podcast under today.

“I am existentially happy and molecularly stoked to be premiering my podcast Kesha along with also the Creepies,” Kesha told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve had numerous adventures in this incarnation I simply can not dismiss or describe, and I have always been fascinated by unnatural topics, the unexplainable, and also folks exploring alternate thought and lifestyles.

“Together with my podcast, it is my explanation to take the shit with all the people I am most interested together and dive deep in their brains and listen all things creepy. The unexplainable is exactly what keeps life magical, so let us talk about doing it.”

Meanwhile, the Kesha awakened using Wrabel for one’When I Was Young’ before this season. The course has been set to feature Wrabel’s second record that, in the right time of’Once I Was Young”so launch, has been reported to be expected out later this season.

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