Kerala New Year: Here are the beautiful Rangoli designs to celebrate Vishu 2020

Vishu festival 2020 will be celebrated on April 14. Here are some rangoli designs to help decorate your house.

Vishu is a festival celebrated in Kerala to mark the beginning of the Zodiac New Year. It is an auspicious day celebrated all over India. While it is referred to as Vishu in Kerala, it is observed as Bohag Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab and Pohela Boishakh in West Bengal. It falls in the start of the month of  April, known as Medan in the Malayalam calendar. This year, Vishu festival will be celebrated on the 14th of April. 

The most significant moment of the festival is the first sight of Vishukkani. It is a ritual arrangement prepared by women a night before the festival, comprising rice, fruits, vegetables, betel leaves, metal mirror, yellow flowers, areca nut, holy texts and coins. It is believed to bring peace and good luck throughout the year. 

The festival is celebrated with great vigour and fervour in the state of Kerala. Malayali people decorate their houses with diyas, lights and rangoli, and kids burst firecrackers. People buy new clothes, exchange gifts and a feast comprising sweet, sour and bitter food items is prepared (called Sadya). 

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Of all the preparations, the most beautiful is the rangoli. It is a revelation of beauty as well as the acquisition of auspiciousness. It is a traditional custom to draw rangoli at the sight of an auspicious religious ritual in a holy festival. It is mostly drawn at the entrance of the house. From easy to more difficult designs, you can choose one according to your liking. 

With the festival coming up, we have compiled some ideas that will help you make rangoli in no time.

Flowers Design. 

Line Design. 

Dots Design. 

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