Kento Nanami’s Cursed Technique Ratio – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion

Kento Nanami’s Cursed Technique Ratio – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion
Kento Nanami Cursed Technique Ratio – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion

In the universe of Jujutsu Kaisen, there are very few individuals who can match the coolness of Kento Nanami. The guy oozes charisma as certainly is one of the most stylish characters in the series. This grade 1 sorcerer is one of the most loved characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and a huge reason for it is his cursed technique.

Today we are going to dissect and discuss this extremely deadly technique “Ratio” that Nanami uses in his fights. Read below as we take a deep look into it and explore how he utilizes it in various circumstances.

Who is Kento Nanami

Kento isn’t the main spotlight of the story like Satoru or our protagonist trio, however, whenever he’s present on the screen, things become interesting. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Kento was an underclassman to Gojo Satoru. Initially, he took the corporate path by working as a salaryman but later on returned to become a sorcerer. Right now he is a grade 1 sorcerer and carries out activities outside of Tokyo Campus.

Kento Nanami Cursed Technique Ratio – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion
Kento Nanami

What is Cursed Technique Ratio?

Now for the most important part – what is the cursed technique ratio? Well in simple terms, it is an innate ability of Kento which allows him to deal massive damage to specific parts of the body. By using this technique, Kento can create a weak point in the body of enemies and strike there to cause damage. 

How Kento Nanami Uses Cursed Technique Ratio?

Firstly, Kento has to mark lines on the body of the opponent and divide them into tenths. His aim is to deploy a hit on any of these lines at a 7/3 ratio point. If the hit doesn’t land on this exact ratio, the ability can’t work. By using this technique, Nanami is able to create a weak point and hence deliver a significant amount of damage.

Kento Nanami Cursed Technique Ratio – Jujutsu Kaisen Discussion
Kento Nanami Cursed Technique Ratio

There isn’t any limitation to the body parts where Nanami can draw the lines. He can pretty much do it on every section of the body and the impact will be equal everywhere. While Nanami uses it mostly on living creatures, the technique also allows him to treat inanimate objects in a similar manner. With so much room for exploration, it certainly makes the Ratio one of the best-cursed techniques.

Uses of Ratio Cursed Technique

We’ve seen examples of Nanami utilizing this technique in different circumstances. It works best on transfigured humans since they’re easy to deal with and much weaker. He can even just use a blunt sword when dealing with opponents of such type.

Sometimes, Nanami combines his cursed technique with another technique called Collapse which is actually the extension of Ratio. By using Collapse, he is able to create a weak point in the environment. It is different from what he usually does because this technique doesn’t involve any flesh. However, it can come pretty hand as we’ve seen him effectively use it against Mahito in a fight.

Nanami vs Mahito

Disadvantage of Ratio

While Ratio is certainly a crafty technique, it does have some setbacks. The technique involves closing in on the target and then slashing them. But if the distance between user and target is more, the technique becomes useless. In a long-range fight, it isn’t much help since it requires the user to mark the lines over the body of opponents.

Even with this shortcoming, the Ratio for the most part has been extremely impressive. It has aided Nanami in slashing down his enemies in a masterful way.

So tell us what you think about this cool cursed technique? Like Collapse, do you think will we will be seeing other extensions of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to find us on our social media handles where we post all updates related to Jujutsu Kaisen.

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