Kelly Dodd Apologizes To’Drunk Wives Matter’ Style – Subsequently Immediately Reverses Her Apology!

kelly dodd blm non apology

Still another non-apology from Kelly Dodd? ) Groundbreaking!

The Real Housewives of Orange County celebrity got in warm water following posting some pics out of her wedding on Sunday. To begin with, she and her guests were not actually social distancing… whatsoever. For a different, she published a selfie sporting a”Drunk Wives Matter” hat, even mocking the major social justice motion Black Lives Issue .

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The fact superstar spent a great deal of time in her own comments section telling her followers to find a feeling of humor in relation to her tone-deaf style statement. At an since-deleted Instagram movie, ” she explained:

“You know everything, all lives issue… People who can not get a laugh, move f**k yourselves.”

Yep. She also pulled an”all lives thing.” Typical!

From Tuesday, the 45-year old has to have obtained the memo by her Bravo supervisors her insensitive activities required to be dealt. She published an announcement on social websites that read:

“Within the weekend in my shower I have a lot of gifts and temporarily exhibited them. One has been a hat using a play on words because I am going to become a spouse, I am on a Housewives TV series and could be drunk in a while. It wasn’t meant to violate or create any type of statement. Obviously I encourage black resides and racial heritage! Thank you Love, Kelly”

We are calling BS online : Kelly might have gotten”plenty of presents,” however, the offensive hat has been the only present she exhibited in a Royal selfie in her grid. That picture was up on Tuesday day, BTW, therefore we would not call it a”short” screen. Additionally, notice the way she did not really apologize in any respect? The phrase”sorry” does not seem in here after!

That is probably because she is really not sorry — and she’s took to the remarks section to make this apparent. She whined about critics”desiring [her] dismissed,” praised fans for”[having] that a sense of comedy,” and known as the criticism entire”ridiculous.”

At 1 discussion, Kelly asserted ignorance into her misdeed. A priest commented:

“Just like you did not know that was likely to be contentious”

She responded:

“I actually did not I believed that it was a play on words and believed it was humorous. . I can not win for losing ”

We are repeating ourselves , but performing wordplay using a term that suggests Black Shrimp is precisely WHY the hat remains offensive. It is mocking something severe. In addition, we find it rather difficult to believe it did not happen to the Bravo-lebrity the hat could at the least ruffle a few feathers.

Another trade increased even more questions. Even a supporter defended the hatcommenting:

“I am perishing that expression was around long until BLM was. I recall friends coming back in formals at Nola or spring break from PCB with hats or shirt stating that back 2012.”

Um… We highly doubt anybody was stating”Drunk Wives Matter” prior to the BLM movement gained vapor 2013. What would it mean??

Kelly reacted:

“I advised Bravo that hat was created two years back…”

The hat was created two years back… but it was only given as a present on the weekend? Either she is lying around the deadline, or being willfully obtuse regarding why it is offensive to wear this type of hat TODAY. In addition to this, the”Drunk Lives Matter” hat is quite obviously designed to mention the traditional BLM logo, which means that you can not pretend it is only an unrelated party woman term.

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What really catches our attention, however, is that Kelly’s reaction implied that her companies at Bravo have already been in touch regarding the current controversy. We guess they might be the reason why she submitted the non-apology announcement in the first location.

We REALLY expect this racially insensitive incident is sufficient to get her boot, however when Bravo was ready to look the other way when Kelly stated coronavirus had been”God’s way of thinning the herd,” we now have our doubts.

Psst, Bravo — that the Fox News correspondent’s fiancé confessed that a large part of the buddies in her wedding shower”had” COVID-19. You most likely don’t need somebody that negligent filming set together with you. Just sayin’!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube & Kelly Dodd/Instagram]

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