Kelly Clarkson Was After Confused For Carrie Underwood & Signed an Autograph As Her!

Kelly Clarkson Was Once Confused For Carrie Underwood & Even Signed an Autograph As Her!

Kelly Clarkson is starting up regarding the embarrassing moment if a buff thought she had been American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.

On the most recent episode of this Kelly Clarkson Showthe singer and her guests,” Michelle Buteau and Cheryl Hines opened about the embarrassing moments in their lifetime and also for Kellyit had been when she had been perplexed for Carrie.

“This woman came up to me was just like # ‘Oh my god, your own tune &# 1 8216;Therefore Small’ is among my favorites,’&# 1 8221; Kelly remembered of the second. “And I kept believing # ‘I don& # #8217;t even possess a tune ‘Therefore Little. ’ And she then explained another tune and that I was like# ‘Oh, so you believe # & I 8217;m Carrie Underwood. &#8217# &; 8221;

She whined in the confusion, stating that she seems “nothing else just like Carrie Underwood. I was embarrassed for her which I …She had been like# and #8216;Would you sign up? &# 2 8217; And that I signed ‘Carrie Underwood. ’ ” I believe that may be prohibited! ”

Only annually, Kelly really coated Carrie‘s tune “Before He Cheats” about the series. Watch here!

In case you missed it, then this additional celeb was also mistaken for Carrie. See what occurred here#8230;

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