Kawaki vs Boruto – Who Will Win?

Kawaki Boruto
Kawaki vs Boruto

Kawaki vs Boruto has been a topic of discussion among Boruto fans ever since the first chapter of the manga dropped. Kawaki and Boruto’s encounter is inevitable. Even though they are friends right now, but in the future, these two individuals may become foes. However, determining who will emerge victorious in their bout is difficult to predict.

As of yet, we could say that Kawaki may have a bigger edge. He has shown his capabilities with his use of Karma and physical prowess. But Boruto isn’t much behind either. Courtesy of Momoshiki, he too possesses Karma and various jutsus. So when Boruto and Kawaki do fight, who will win? Let us find out.

Kawaki vs Boruto – Who Will Win?

Why Boruto vs Kawaki is Possible?

In the very first chapter of Boruto, we see both Boruto and Kawaki standing over the Hokage Rock. It looks like they’re fighting and it’s not just a friendly duel. They’re fighting to the death and Kawaki expresses that he will send Boruto to the same place where he sent Naruto. He proclaims the age of Shinobis is over.

However, Boruto is still Shinobi at heart and he will fight Kawaki. This is certainly an interesting plot considering how things are going in the manga. In any case, the point is Boruto and Kawaki will engage in the battle sometime in the future. And when that happens, the hell will break loose.

Boruto and Kawaki in First Chapter

What Makes Boruto Strong?

Boruto is without a doubt a prodigy. As a son of Hokage, he has inherited some of the abilities from his father. He is a genius who is capable of learning any art within a short period. His primary Jutsu is Shadow Clone Technique which allows him to create his multiple clones. He has also mastered using Shuriken with the aid of Sasuke.

As for other jutsus, Boruto has shown he can perform transformations of Wind, Lightning, and Water. Furthermore, he can even combine them and use them simultaneously. He also possesses a huge amount of chakra just like his father which provides him more durability in his fights.

Boruto Using Rasengan

Recently, Boruto obtained Karma, and with some training, he has learned to use it. By employing karma, Boruto can absorb any nature-based attacks, just like Kawaki. Overall Boruto is a complete package with abilities that emphasize more on offense.

What Makes Kawaki Stronger?

Kawaki was once part of the Kara Organization which means that he is a modified cyborg. Thanks to Amado, Kawaki has various scientific tools installed within his body. He is also capable of regenerating however, he can do it only partially. His body parts can also be replaced as seen with his prosthetic arm.

Kawaki Using Karma

Like Boruto, Kaawaki also possesses Karma. He can also absorb all nature-based Jutsu and repel them. Unlike Boruto, Kawaki has a better grasp on this power since he has been in its possession for a long time. He also obtained a pool of chakra, courtesy of Naruto’s arm. Now because of this, he too can perform Jutsu techniques.

Kawaki vs Boruto – Who Will Win?

Now for a million-dollar question, who will have the last laugh between the two? Well from the current situation and power levels, it seems like Kawaki has an edge. Although we all know that Boruto will beat him (protagonist powers), Kawaki’s powers make him a better contender. The only thing that Kawaki lacked was jutsu techniques. However, now that he has some chakra, he can even perform them.

The match-up between them is something fandom has been looking forward to. There are many mysteries plotted around their fight. So it will be interesting to see who holds the reign after their fight is over.

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