Origin of Kawaki Karma Seal: Boruto Discussion

Origins of Kawaki Karma seal – Boruto Discussion
Origins of Kawaki Karma seal – Boruto Discussion

In the recent chapters of the manga, some new questions have surfaced related to Kawaki’s Karma seal. Now that Isshiki is dead, it is worth noticing that we don’t know how Kawaki regained his Karma. Going back to the very first chapter and its first panel, we see that Kawaki still has a Karma seal on his hand. However, since Isshiki is no longer breathing, who could’ve possibly provided him?

It certainly is an indication that somehow Kawaki got the seal from someone in the future. With ongoing scenarios, we can predict some solid reasons for this development.

Today we are going to discuss some theories that speculate the reason and source of the Kawaki Karma seal and everything to know about Karma seals in Boruto.

Origins of Kawaki’s Karma Seal – Boruto Discussion
Boruto First Chapter

Aid from Eida

Eida, a beautiful woman who is a part of the Kara Organization could be one of the primary reasons for Kawaki regaining the seal. Her powers are insane and to the point where she can bewitch Code in instant. She can steal the hearts of the people without even flinching. However, there is a drawback to her ability. It can only work on the people who are not blood-related to Otsutsuki.

But this works pretty well for her in case she needs to find a love partner. Seems like she doesn’t have control over her power and whoever comes into contact with her, falls for her. So in case, she needs to find a  suitor, she’ll have to do it with someone related to Otsutsuki.

Origins of Kawaki’s Karma Seal – Boruto Discussion
Eida in Boruto

Fortunately for her, Otsutsuki blood runs through the veins of Kawaki and there’s a possibility she can make Kawaki his partner. To make him stronger, she can give Code’s Karma to Kawaki. This is just speculation but there’s a high probability of this scenario taking place in the future.

Help from Code

We’ve had hints throughout the manga that Boruto may become a dark person in the future. This mostly comes from the possibility of Momo taking full control over his body. If Boruto becomes a threat to others, Kawaki may have to do the task of subduing him. However, without Karma seal, it may be an impossible thing to do.

This all points to Kawaki approaching Code for help. If they share similar interests, Code may hand over the seal to Kawaki for him to fight Boruto. This is probably a stretch but we can’t dismiss this possibility.

Desperate Attempt

When a final battle between our heroes and Code occurs, the Karma seal from Code may get transferred to Kawaki. If Code goes down and succumbs to his final moments, he could transfer the seal to Kawaki to resurrect his leader.

Origins of Kawaki’s Karma Seal – Boruto Discussion
Code Can Give His Karma to Kawaki

However, there won’t be a resurrection of any sort since his Karma seal is still incomplete. Thus, as a result, Kawaki will reap the benefits of Karma without any harm to himself.

Unless any other scenario gets introduced in the series, we firmly believe that Kawaki may obtain his Karma from these situations. There’s still a long way to go for the series but we hope to get the answers soon.

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