Katherine Langford might be cast as the next Batgirl

Katherine Langford in Batgirl

Katherine Langford in Batgirl

The award-winning Golden Globe nominee Katherine Langford, who is also an Australian actor, might have a potential role in Batgirl. Langford became extremely famous by portraying Hannah Baker in Netflix’s original series, 13 Reasons why.

DCEU isn’t the only superhero universe that is trying to get Langford to work with them. Earlier, speculations came into being which said that Langford would portray the role of an older version of Morgan Stark. By the looks of it, Morgan Stark is the daughter of the late hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron-Man.

Will Katherine become the next Batgirl?

Nevertheless, Katherine’s cut was in the movie didn’t come into being, even in the re-release of the film. As of now, the 23-year-old actress has caught the attention of media once again. Furthermore, recent revelations suggest that Langford is almost shortlisted for portraying the role of Batgirl.

The fans of comic books are well aware of Batgirl and how important she is to the Bat-Family. In the comics, Barbara Gordon helms the cowl and the conventional detachable red wig and becomes Batgirl. Gordon is a sophisticated hacker, and her physical prowess rivals Robin. If the speculations are correct, then Batgirl would be an excellent addition to the next-gen superhero movies. On the other hand, it is almost the time that Batgirl gets a standalone film.

How credible is the curation of Batgirl movie?

Joss Whedon, who brought The Avengers to the silver screen, was going to helm director’s seat in the film. However, the reports suggest that Joss Whedon has quit as the director of the movie. The reason why Whedon left Batgirl project is that he couldn’t get a crack at the story. Christina Hodson might have a shot at directing the forthcoming Batgirl movie.

Hodson is already part of DC’s Birds of Prey, and she has also directed a successful Transformer movie, Bumblebee in the year 2018.

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