Karl Lagerfeld Weight Loss: Karl Lagerfeld’s Incredible Body Transformation!

karl lagerfeld weight loss

German fashion designer, creative director, artist, and photographer Karl Otto Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld began his fashion career in the 1950s, working for Balmain, Patou, and Chloé prior to joining Chanel in 1983.

Karl Lagerfeld Weight Loss

Lagerfeld was also renowned for his signature style. His signature appearance included his signature white hair, fingerless gloves, high collars, and black sunglasses. Additionally, he will be remembered for his eccentric lifestyle, his famous quotes, and his gorgeous cat, Choupette.

In addition to this, Lagerfeld is also well-known for his weight loss. In 2001, Lagerfeld lost 93 pounds (42 kilograms) in just 13 months.

The motivation for his actions is well-known. Lagerfeld declared, “I suddenly desired to dress differently, in Hedi Slimane garments.” However, these fashions were modeled by incredibly skinny boys, not males my age. This required me to lose a minimum of 40 pounds. It took me precisely thirteen months.

karl lagerfeld weight loss

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Also, Lagerfeld desired to be a “good clotheshorse” for his own designer clothing line.

The diet that Karl Lagerfeld followed also gained notoriety. It was designed specifically for him by his personal dietitian, Doctor Jean-Claude Houdret, and resulted in the publication of the best-selling book The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, which has sold over two hundred thousand copies worldwide.

However, what did he weigh before I heard your question? Evidently, it weighed approximately 300 pounds. The man who stated Adele was “a little too fat” was himself once overweight. Don’t believe me?

karl lagerfeld weight loss

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On His Diet

“It’s not a true diet. The diet is healthy, but I consume very little. Toasted cornbread in the morning. Fish grilled on a grill. Grilled vegetables. Meat twice a week. And pineapple and similar items, as well as a little protein [occasionally] [indicating his chocolate mousse]. I don’t know, I manage it in such a manner that I don’t even understand myself, and I only enjoy eating what is permitted. The remainder does not allure me. Other people have diet problems, they consume, they desire chocolate, and they desire this, but I desire nothing! What I can ingest, I consume.

karl lagerfeld weight loss

On Maintaining His Weight Loss

“I always adhere to it. If you believe there is no attraction to the earth, you float for all but six or seven hours at night and prefer to remain in this state. It’s quite pleasant. I am quite content with myself. I missed the previous state. I don’t even remember.”

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