Boruto: Does Kara Organization Still Pose Threat To Konoha?

Boruto: Does Kara Organization Still Pose Threat To Konoha?
Boruto: Does Kara Organization Still Pose Threat To Konoha?

Boruto is a sequel to a highly popular and legendary manga series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. It follows the adventures of the son of Naruto, Boruto on his quest to become stronger shinobi.

It is being serialized in V-Jump with 56 chapters to its name so far. Right now the story of the manga is in the vital stage as things are looking to take a huge turn in upcoming chapters. Before we dive into the discussion, first take a brief look at what Kara Organization is exactly.

What is Kara Organization In Boruto?

Kara is a secret organization founded by Isshiki Otsutsuki. But now that he is dead, a much weaker organization is led by Code currently. The organization is divided into two sections; inners and outers. Inners are core members who each have a region assigned to them.

Kara Organization
Kara Organization Members

Meanwhile, outers carry out tasks given by inners. It is once mentioned that Kara possesses so much money that it could buy an entire country. However, now that its former leader is dead, things aren’t looking good for Kara.

With Code instated as its leader, he will guide remaining members and try to fulfill his master’s wish.

Revelations In Chapter 56

In the recent chapter, our heroes from Konoha defeated the leader of the Kara Organization; Isshiki Otsutsuki.

However, in doing so both Naruto and Sasuke lost a significant part of their powers. While their leader is dead, it cant be certainly said that the entire organization has perished. Especially when Code is still alive and active, you can’t just write off the Kara Organization.

Before his death, Isshiki gave some commands to Code. In chapter 56, Code vowed to take revenge on people from Konoha including Naruto and Sasuke. So it’s certain that his next target is going to be none other than the Hidden Leaf Village. He seems to have set his plan in motion as we saw some of his antics in chapter 56.

Boruto Chapter 56
Boruto Chapter 56

With all these events the threat of Kara Organization still can’t be fended off. As long as it exists, Konoha won’t remain peaceful for long. But apart from its existence, there are other things that elevate its danger level even more. To find out more, read below as we discuss why Kara Organization is still a big threat to Konoha.

Code’s Existence

Code has decided to plot his revenge on Naruto and others. In the latest chapter, he made contact with a character called ‘Eida’, “the one who knows everything about the world”. While we still don’t have enough information on this character, it is certain that it is related to his revenge. He seems to have begun to set his plan in motion with this latest step.

Boruto Code
Boruto Code

Whatever follows next is merely a speculation and prediction. He could attack the village-like Orochimaru did back in the Naruto series or he can use some other approach. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, the next event is going to shake Konoha Village.

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Hokage’s Acknowledgement

Naruto and other top officers of Konoha haven’t discarded the threat of the Kara Organization. In chapter 56, Naruto mentioned that their number one priority will be dealing with Code.

So it seems like they will have their hands full in running this operation. With Naruto’s acknowledgment, we can conclude that the worries of Kara are not over yet.

Naruto’s and Sasuke’s Strength

After the deadly fight against Isshiki, both Naruto and Sasuke lost their vital elements of strength. Naruto especially lost his loved companion and his major source of power Kurama. With two of the top Shinobi weakened, it makes Konoha village even more vulnerable. Sure there are still some other strong Shinobi but the absence of prime Naruto strength will certainly influence the battle.

Naruto’s and Sasuke’s Strength
Naruto’s and Sasuke’s Strength

Kara Organization is going to be a pain to deal with. Especially with Code plotting his retribution, Boruto and his friends won’t be able to avoid inevitable. The upcoming chapters will surely give us more clarity on what level of danger Kara poses to Konoha.

Your thoughts?

So what do you think? Can Code cause havoc in the Konoha village? Who is this new character Eida? How will our Shinobis from Konoha deal with Kara Organization?

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