Kanye West Is Replaced By Kid Cudi As The Headliner of Rolling Loud Miami!

Kanye West Is Replaced By Kid Cudi As The Headliner of Rolling Loud Miami!

At Rolling Loud Miami, Kid Cudi has replaced Kanye West, which is an odd switch given the two’s recent beef.

The statement was made on Sunday by the festival’s organizers, who explained that Scott would take Kanye’s place as one of the three headliners at their event later this month due to circumstances beyond their control.

Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler, co-founders of Rolling Loud, also told TMZ “We were excited for Ye to perform at Rolling Loud Miami in 2022. He and his staff and I worked on the performance for months.

Unfortunately, Ye has made the decision to stop giving performances. Although we don’t take it lightly because this is the first headliner to ever cancel on us, we wish him the best.”

“We welcome Kid Cudi as a headliner in Miami and we can’t wait to see what he has in store,” they continue.

Kid Cudi publicly shared the new lineup on his Instagram feed to confirm the announcement. It’s unknown why Ye withdrew, but that’s kind of been his style lately; as you may remember, he abruptly withdrew from Coachella as well. They had to find a new performer there as well at the last minute.

The background to this most recent development is, of course, the fact that Cudi has openly declared his disapproval of Ye and that their friendship is ended, following Ye’s jabs at him for being friends with Pete Davidson.

Even though they had worked together on a Pusha T single, which KC claimed would be their final collaboration, he went on to clarify that he and Kanye were still not cool. He filling Kanye West’s shoes means that everything has almost come full circle.

Ye has been keeping a low profile recently. Although he did show up for Diddy’s big moment earlier this summer, the man hasn’t been as noticeable as he was at the beginning of the year, which some could view as a positive.

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