Kangana Ranaut responds to the FIR lodged against her causing bronchial tension

Kangana Ranaut reacts to the FIR lodged against her for causing communal tension

The good thing about a professor being beheaded in Paris later he left a caricature of Prophet Mohammed has generated a great deal of unrest across the globe. Reacting to the truth, Kangana Ranaut gave her volatile views regarding the violence and it landed in trouble with the Mumbai Police. 

whined regarding the episode, Kangana composed,”If Hindus had demonstrated so called peaceful faith rhythms entire Bollywood would have been long past, they create derogatory movies for our faith and claim they’re fearful of saffron colour, examine the propaganda and it is foolish and dumb sense.” 

That wasn’t , she spoke about the WW2 genocide and stated,”Hindus lives do not matter, west until this season makes films on 5-6 countless Jews genocide, therefore it is not replicated, throughout the captivity of countless of years do we know exactly how many Hindus were murdered? 100 instances greater than Jews in WW2, however, no pictures in Hindu genocide #parisbeheading.” 

After her remarks, the Bandra court requested the Mumbai Police to submit an FIR against her causing communal unrest along with her own tweet. Due to the, Kangana had been quick to retaliate in her very own manner. 

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She wrote,”Who are fasting on Navratris? Pictures clicked from the parties like I’m also fasting, meanwhile a second FIR registered against mepersonally, Pappu sena at Maharashtra Appears to Be obsessing on me, do not miss me a lot I will be there shortly”