Kamala Harris Dated Chat Show Host Montel Williams at 2001

Everybody Understands Kamala Harris made history by being voted as the Initial Black, Asian and Feminine Vice President, However a Few people do Not Understand she used so Far Montel Williams!!!

That fascinating reality is all of the buzz online Friday, as photographs of the VP-elect along with the longtime chat show host by some 2001 charity occasion also have sprung up again.

The pic also comprises Montel’s daughter, Ashley, since he’s an arm across both girls… that are all smiles together with him.

Funny thing is,” Williams dropped this juicy nugget of data greater compared to a year back on Twitter, when he affirmed a story circulating regarding his connection background with Harris. Guess people were not paying attention to Montel’s tweets back plus she had not been chosen since Biden’s running partner back afterward.

Montel stated they”temporarily dated” roughly 20 years back although they were both unmarried. In addition, he appeared annoyed within the love life tales concerning the Senator, also wondered whether there was a sexism into it.

For the album… at 2001, Williams was recently divorced from his wife, also it’d be 13 several years earlier Harris could tie the knot with her spouse Doug Emhoff.

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