Kamala Harris Cancels Traveling After Staffer Tests Positive For COVID-19

Kamala Harris Cancels Travel After Staffer Tests Positive For COVID-19

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Cancels Traveling After Staffer Tests Positive For COVID-19

COVID-19 is still spreading quickly throughout the USA, and currently Vice President optimistic, Kamala Harris declared that a part of her group has recently tested positive for the virus. ) She left the people of conscious of the most recent news through Twitter and announced that “from an abundance of caution,” she’ll cancel traveling through Sunday and effort virtually. Based on reports Harris was advised to travel Thursday into North Carolina for occasions inviting voters to cast early ballots.

Harris’ communications manager along with also a flight crew member tested positive following a recent campaign trip but effort director Jen O’Malley Dillon said that

“neither of those individuals had some contact Vice President Biden, together with Sen. Harris or some other team member because testing positive or at the 48-hour period before their positive evaluation results”

Kamala Harris tweeted,

late nightI discovered a non-staff flight team member & a part of my group tested positive for COVID. I was not in close touch –as described by the CDC–together with during the two days before their positive evaluations. I have had two negative evaluations this week &’m not displaying symptoms.

A Twitter user reacted to Harris, thanking her to be transparent and she reacted stating,

Both crew member along with the team member were sporting N95 masks in each things they had been close to me, along with our physicians think that we were not exposed beneath CDC guidelines. From an abundance of caution, I’ll cancel journey through Sunday and keep to effort practically.

She noted,

I’m clear with you concerning any evaluation results that I really do get. Meanwhile, remember: use a mask, exercise social bookmarking, and then wash your hands frequently. It’s possible to halt the spread.



This information comes almost two months later president Donald Trump and Melania Trump both tested positive for coronavirus (Oct. 2).  As stated by the Trump government, he’s tested negative after having a set of drugs and a brief amount of quarantine.

Kamala Harris has obtained two evaluations because Oct. 8 with adverse consequences for the two.

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