Kaley Cuoco’s Impressive Weight Loss Journey: A Closer Look at Her Fitness Routine and Diet Plan

kaley cuoco weight loss

One of Hollywood’s greatest figures belongs to Kaley Cuoco. Yet the Big Bang Theory star is the first to acknowledge that getting a toned stomach and strong abs wasn’t simple. “I experimented with Pilates, jogging, and spinning. I discovered I dislike running. The 33-year-old, who finally “fell in love” with hot yoga, declares, “I refuse to do it. “This is my thing! I was like,” I feel like a million bucks when I leave.

Together with her personal trainer, Cuoco exercises in the gym three times a week. “Kaley’s abs, arms, and butt are her top priorities. Therefore, George C. King, her personal trainer, says, “We’ll usually perform sets that might entail three to six various workouts or circuits.

“An example circuit would consist of 15 squat jump repetitions, 10 close-grip pushups, 30 seconds of plank, and 20 seconds of mountain climbers. We’ll complete three rounds of this without stopping. After taking a two-minute break, she will repeat the three rounds.

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In the kitchen, the actress keeps up her exercise routine. “Recently, I haven’t been eating as much meat. So I’ve been eating a lot of veggies and tofu, which is new to me, says the 8 Simple Rules alum, adding that she doesn’t mind the diet shift. Nobody ever feels terrific after eating a big dinner, a burger, and a beverage.

Cuoco does not, however, scrimp on herself as a result. She confesses, “I do cheat.” Every now and then, I enjoy a slice of pizza, and, truth be told, I also enjoy a true cola soda. Up until I saw it had 17 spoonfuls of sugar, at which point I thought, “OK, maybe one taste, and then toss it away!

Cuoco, who wed equestrian Karl Cook in June 2018, prefers to eat at establishments that include calories on the menu when she treats herself. She claims, “I believe it’s great when it’s in front of your face.” “Because you are slightly more accountable since you know precisely how many calories and what is in your food,”

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Particularly now that she is aware of how important nutrition and exercise are. Cuoco says, “The bottom line is, you know, I’m not 21 anymore.” “I didn’t have to do as much back then; it was so simple. Today, it’s a regular part of my day, just like exercising and eating healthfully.

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