Kaley Cuoco Says Her Baby Daughter Matilda Will Become an Actress: ‘it’s in Her Genes’

Kaley Cuoco Says Her Baby Daughter Matilda Will Become an Actress: 'it's in Her Genes'

Kaley Cuoco is using a crystal ball to forecast the future career aspirations of her infant daughter.

The 37-year-old Emmy-nominated actress believes Matilda is destined to become an actress because Cuoco insisted that her pregnancy be incorporated into her new Peacock series, Based on a True Story, she explained in a recent Emmy magazine interview.

The new mother acknowledges that having a child was not part of her professional strategy a year ago. Cuoco claims that meeting Tom Pelphreyat at a Netflix party for Ozark last year altered her future plans; she became pregnant with Matilda a few months later.

Simultaneously, the heroine of The Flight Attendant was recently cast as Ava Barlett in Based on a True Story. In it, she portrays one-half of a working-class couple whose normal existence is upended and thrust into the world of true crime. Cuoco sat down with producers, knowing she was now pregnant, and made her proposal, she told the magazine.

Kaley Cuoco Says Her Baby Daughter Matilda Will Become an Actress: 'it's in Her Genes'

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“I find myself wondering, ‘What if this character was pregnant? And they’re like, ‘Um…’ and I’m like, ‘Think really hard about it because maybe it’s a great notion — and it may be your only option,'” the actress told Emmy magazine. “As they looked at me while I smiled, they all exclaimed, ‘Oh my God, are you pregnant?’ I’m like, ‘Uh-huh.'”

The series, which was filmed during Cuoco’s fifth and sixth months of pregnancy, provided her with many memorable moments as an actress and future mother.

“What I love is that they didn’t change the character. The show is extremely edgy, and none of that changed because I was pregnant,” the actress said of the role for which filming concluded three weeks before her due date. “I’m wearing a bra and a belly shirt, and there are sex sequences in which my photo double appears. We had to construct this incredible midsection for her.”

However, there was one instance in which Cuoco’s actual stomach caused a commotion. Matilda made her “in-utero” acting debut during filming by kicking Cuoco so forcefully during a scene that her co-star Ever Carradine jumped.

“I have no idea why she won’t become an actress. The infant already believes she is the center of attention,” Cuoco told the publication. “It’s in her genes.”

While expectant, the former cast member of The Big Bang Theory had a great time filming her latest series. “I was on the court, nine months pregnant and wearing a crop top, kicking a__,” Cuoco said of the series filming. “Everyone was watching and cheering, and I looked literally like an elephant running across the court.”

Cuoco recently shared photos of her and Matilda prior to Mother’s Day by posting a video featuring her daughter to her Instagram Story.

In the video, she approaches Matilda’s bassinet and coos, “Good morning, Matilda!” Hello!” Matilda responded with a smile, after which Cuoco gingerly tickled her, causing her to grin even wider and wiggle in her swaddle.

“Did you turn me into a mother? Is Mother’s Day today?” Cuoco said. “Thank you for turning me into a mother! I adore you!”

Also in the video, Cuoco says, “You have a milk mustache,” as she wipes the infant’s lips and tickles her again.

Cuoco captioned the video, “Best first Mother’s Day wake-up ever,” with the phrase.

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