Kaido’s Flashback – Are We There Yet?

Kaido's Flashback
Kaido's Flashback

It is almost tradition in One Piece to have flashbacks of the characters a few moments before the conclusion of the fight. Throughout the series, this is a recurring phenomenon that has happened again and again.

Currently, Luffy is fighting Kaido on the rooftop and we’ve had a glimpse of Kaido’s Flashback with Big Mom. However, we haven’t seen a fully-fledged backstory of Kaido from his days at Rocks Pirates and what made him suicidal. Let’s discuss Kaido’s Flashback and when it is going to occur.

Kaido's Flashback
Kaido’s Flashback

Kaido’s Flashback – What Will It Be About?

In Big Mom’s backstory, we saw her initial days when she was abandoned by her parents on Elbaf. We could see a similar thing with Kaido during his days at Rocks Pirates where he was a mere apprentice. We’ve already had a glimpse of it with his interaction with Big Mom.

However, what fans have been asking for is a detailed flashback. Kaido is one of the most interesting characters of One Piece. The man regarded as the strongest creature on the planet, Kaido has had some fabulous connections in the past and it would be amazing to explore them.

We majorly predict that Kaido’s flashback will focus on his days in the Rocks Pirate Crew where he shared the ship along with the likes of Whitebeard, Big Mom, Captain John, Shiki, and most importantly, Rocks D. Xebec himself.

His interactions with them will be quite interesting as we will not only learn about Kaido but also about the other members of the Rocks Pirates and find out if they were really as notorious as government frames them to be.

Kaido's Flashback
Kaido’s Flashback

What is Kaido’s Past?

From the glimpses we had so far, it seems like after Rocks Pirates disbanded, Kaido was taken in by Government to perform the experiment on him. He broke out using his strength and got King as his first mate. Then Kaido went on to form his own crew and he was a pretty ambitious man. However, something changed.

In the flashbacks, Kaido has had a Roger-Esque and Luffy-Esque glow to his face. However, that is no more. Some kind of incident may have occurred in the past that made him realize that he’s not the one. Hence, as a result, he started looking for a place to die and prepared himself for a full-on war to destroy the world.

Kaido’s real intentions are still unknown, but the major part of the community believes that he is looking for Joy Boy. Maybe, Kaido thought himself to be Joy Boy but he realizes that he wasn’t one. He had everything, strength, power, fame, authority, however, despite that, he wasn’t the chosen one.

It probably made him curious if someone as gifted as him isn’t Joy Boy, then who else could it be? Maybe that’s why he’s so adamant about finding more about Luffy and what makes him such a challenging opponent.

Kaido is one of the most central figures in the entirety of One Piece and he has connections with many major figures of the world. Big Mom, Rocks, Shanks, Whitebeard, Shiki, Roger, Garp, Sengoku, Oden, and a few more have had some interaction with Kaido. So when we learn more about him, we will learn about these people as well.

Especially the one that is most interesting is Rocks D Xebec himself as we know little to nothing about him. He directly drew fangs against the World Government. Hence, he became an ultimate enemy of the world and they had to erase his existence from history.

Kaido may have some early memories of him or it is possible that he might have inspired him at some point. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to know what kind of connection he shared with Rocks D. Xebec. Hopefully, the inevitable Kaido flashback will list down some great things in the past.

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