K.Michelle maintains Her Grandma Had A noun, She Always Gets Hate Mail & Might Be Blackmailed With A Woman: Somebody Who Is Telling Me Her Husband Is Cheating

K.Michelle Says Her Grandma Had A Stroke, She Constantly Gets Hate Mail & Is Being Blackmailed By A Woman: Someone Is Telling Me My Husband Is Cheating


K. Michelle Posts collection Of Tweets Mentions Husband Cheating, Mental Health’I Just Can Not Do It Anymore”

Artist/Singer K. Michelle (actual name Kimberly Michelle Pate) climbed to fame due to the sultry singing voice along with heartbreak ballads. Today K. Michelle is inducing some thoughts to turn after submitting some regarding tweets on Saturday, October 11 encircling her psychological wellbeing and social existence.


K.Michelle began off begging:

She afterwards lasted:

Her staying tweets involved an alleged blackmail plot because of her’husband’ Dr. Kaston Williams supposedly adulterous, getting hate mail, along with her stating:

“I only need it to be “


Though frequently speaking to longtime boyfriend Dr. Kastan Sims because her”spouse”, both haven’t had a marriage.

She tweeted:

“I have a woman in dm black mailing me4money telling me that my spouse is cheating on me,he is mad @ me for speaking 2her,my grandmother just had a stroke, so I got folks attempting 2stop my livelihood,I’ve folks making fun of my operation &wellbeing,I’ve a random dude I had gone lying “




A couple of hours until she published the collection of tweets she published for her Instagram and Twitter Accounts on World Mental Health Day.

“You never understand what a man is moving through, occasionally the most powerful person on earth in affected the most privately. See to handle people. To the countless individuals all over the afflicted by mental illness you aren’t lonely??”

She had a positive article about her entire life only hours prior to the onslaught of tweets stating she desired it to be finished.


K. Michelle was vocal about the numerous ups and downs she has confronted. From attempting to conceive a child (she has experienced IVF), human anatomy renovation operation in eliminating implants  and a very public feud with Tamar Braxton and her former spouse David Adefeso, the performer was in many public events during the year.

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