Juventus looking for Max Allegri as a Pirlo replacement


Serie A giant Juventus has sacked their manager Andrea Pirlo as they missed League title and struggled to keep their place in Top 4 of the league.

Juventus dominated Serie A in the last decade with 9 titles in the last 10 years. This year is certainly the first time they missed winning the title.

Although they have won Coppa Italia this season, Juventus decides to sack Andrea Pirlo. Juventus also failed to make a mark in UEFA Champions League as FC Porto eliminated them from the Round of 16.

Juventus wished for a Champions League title with Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad. But the team failed even further than their natural course, and hence, Andrea Pirlo faces the wrath.

Max Allegri to replace Andrea Pirlo as Juventus Head Coach

Massimiliano Allegri set to replace Andrea Pirlo at Juventus?

Massimiliano Allegri aka Max Allegri has certainly been brought back to Juventus to take charge as Head Coach.

In the last 2 years, Juventus changed two different managers. After Max Allegri left the club in 2019, Juventus appointed Maurizio Sarri and then Andrea Pirlo, each for one year term.

But their failure in UEFA Champions League cost them the role of Head Coach. And hence, Juventus decides to bring back Allegri, who didn’t manage any club since 2019.

Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly continue at Juventus for his last season at the club. And under Max Allegri, they reached UCL Final twice, in 14-15 and in 16-17.