Justine Musk Divorce with Elon Musk: Everyone Want to Know their Divorce news!

Justine Musk Divorce with Elon Musk

Canadian native Justine Wilson spent the majority of her early years in Peterborough, Ontario, where she was born. She studied at Kingston’s Queen’s University and graduated with a degree in English literature. After that, she relocated to Japan where she worked as an ESL teacher until settling in California.

Personal life

Wilson married Elon Musk in January 2000. Their first child, who was born in 2002, passed away at the age of 10 weeks due to sudden infant death syndrome. Through in vitro fertilization, she gave birth to twins in 2004 and triplets in 2006. She and Musk announced their divorce on September 13, 2008. She and Musk split custody of their kids.

Justine Musk Divorce with Elon Musk

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Wilson later penned an article for Marie Claire outlining the ways she believed the marriage was toxic, including the ways Musk “made fun of her” asserted himself as the “alpha” in the relationship, frequently put pressure on her, and disregarded or overrode her demands.

As of 2010, she claimed to be a “model former wife” and claimed to get along well with Talulah Riley, Musk’s ex-wife.

She has said that she preserved the last name Musk for the benefit of their children. To represent her gender identity and because she no longer wished to be linked with her father, Elon Musk, one of their twins, a trans woman, requested a name change in April 2022.

why did she divorce Elon Musk?

The millionaire Tesla CEO and Justine Musk were engaged in a collegiate relationship that resulted in an eight-year marriage.

Together, the couple had six sons, the oldest of whom, Nevada, passed away from sudden infant death syndrome.

Justine Musk Divorce with Elon Musk

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Elon spoke about how they split custody of the kids equally and that he pays the nannies’ wages in a blog article for Business Insider.

He claimed that in addition, he gives Justine $20,000 each month after taxes for shoes, clothing, and other luxuries.

Elon said the breakup had cost him an average of $170,000 per month in legal fees in addition to gifting her their Bel Air mansion.

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