Justin Herbert Girlfriend: All About Taylor Bisciotti!

justin herbert girlfriend

The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback in the NFL is Justin Herbert. He played college football for Oregon, where he had an outstanding career and helped the Ducks win the 2019 Pac-12 Championship. He also received numerous distinctions, including MVP honors in the 2020 Senior Bowl and Rose Bowl offensive competitions, as well as numerous All-American and All-Team recognitions.

He was chosen by the Chargers as the sixth overall choice in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft as a result. However, Taylor Bisciotti, Justin Herbert’s girlfriend, is the subject of this article. That is, the rumored girlfriend.

On his way to being nominated to the 2020 PFWA All-Rookie Team and winning the 2020 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, he promptly set numerous rookie NFL records in his first season. He was selected for his first Pro Bowl team the following year.

Despite several reports regarding his romantic situation, his partner’s identity has remained a secret. We shall learn more about Taylor Bisciotti, Justin Herbert’s girlfriend, in this piece.

justin herbert girlfriend

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Who Is Taylor Bisciotti, the Girlfriend of Justin Herbert?

Taylor Bisciotti is Justin Herbert’s romantic interest. She is a reporter and anchor by profession and works for the NFL Network.

She is a charming and assured woman with stunning physical features. Taylor has green eyes and golden hair. She stands at 5 feet 5 inches.

Atlanta, Georgia, is where Taylor Bisciotti was born. She is American by nationality and is of white or Caucasian origin.

In 1991, on October 5, Taylor was born. She is 31 years old right now.

The flashy blonde, who previously anchored programs for Sporting News, is now for NFL Network. Bisciotti also provided game coverage for ESPN and the SEC Network.

justin herbert girlfriend

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How Did Their Romance Begin?

When the pair was frequently spotted together in 2021, rumors that they were dating began to circulate. Bisciotti is not yet considered to be Justin Herbert’s girlfriend because they haven’t publicly recognized their relationship.

Till they formally confirm, we must wait. There were rumors that the couple was married in front of their friends and family as well. The information in the stories is false, and they were just hearsay.

The Career of Taylor Bisciotti

Early in life, Taylor Bisciotti fell in love with athletics. Being the only sister among her five brothers, she usually played football with them. This increased her enthusiasm for athletics.

Sundays were when her family would get together to watch sports and other events. As a result, Bisciotti was already involved in sports and a fan. While working as an intern for WUSA9 in Washington, D.C., she discovered how much she liked sports journalism.

For the SEC Network and ESPN, she started out as a sideline reporter. Taylor then served as a host for Sporting News, a profession that is traditionally dominated by men. The NFL network saw her incredible talent and confidence. When they moved swiftly enough to sign her, she became the NFL’s newest on-air talent ever.

In addition to being quite the fashionista, Bisciotti is an advocate for female liberation. She has built a successful career thanks to her talent, self-assurance, and superb sense of style.

Education of Taylor Bisciotti

She began and completed her studies in her home city of Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from high school, she pursued further studies at the University of Georgia.

Taylor graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and business marketing.

Girlfriend of Justin Herbert as Shown on Social Media

Taylor Bisciotti frequently publishes content on her social media platforms.

On Instagram, she goes by the username @taylorbisciotti. She has confirmed her Instagram account as well. “On-air reporter and host, Los Angeles, NFL & NFL Network,” reads her Instagram bio. She included her email address, [email protected], in her bio.

Taylor currently has almost 83,300 followers on Instagram, where she follows 2,662 persons. She uses Instagram frequently, posting a lot of pictures and videos there.


Justin Herbert is a Los Angeles Chargers quarterback. Taylor Bisciotti is the name of the girl he likes. She works as a reporter and a news anchor. In 2021, they are seen together. They haven’t announced their relationship to the public yet, so we have to wait until they do.

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