How Superstore Wrote Off Amy (But Not Jonah)

Just how Superstore Wrote Off Amy (But maybe not Jonah)

Well this is a bigger bummer than we ever anticipated it to become. 

America Ferrera‘s ultimate episode of Superstore wasn’t precisely the send-off we were hoping to get even though it did cover most of the bases. Amy said her goodbyes, given the shop back into Glenn (Mark McKinney), suffered a goodbye celebration, observed Dina (Lauren Ash) attempt to discover a new companion, then put in describing just how she was going to wind up moving to California because of her new task with no boyfriend Jonah (Ben Feldman). 

It was not just surprising they ended up breaking up, however, it was kind of disappointing.  We waited for those two to get together (YEARS) and their gloomy, non-mutual split happens over the span of a single episode? 

Fundamentally, Amy understood Jonah was going to suggest and she started freaking out, particularly because he and each of their co-workers made a lot of references about union or on the both of them growing older and dying with them Figuring out Jonah was but Amy was not prepared to get married quite so fast. 

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