Netflix superhero show ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’: Is It Worth Watching?

Jupiter's Legacy: Is It Worth Watching on Netflix?
Jupiter's Legacy: Is It Worth Watching on Netflix?

Recently premiered on Netflix, Jupiter’s Legacy attracted some mixed responses from both fans and critics alike. The superhero TV show is an embodiment of a clichéd comic as described by the fans. However, the show nonetheless is highly recommended for all the fans of the superhero genre.

Based on Mark Millar’s comic series of the same name, the show has shown some positive reception however some things are receiving heavy criticism. There are tons of things to talk about this show, let’s see whether it’s worth your time or not.

Jupiter's Legacy: Is It Worth Watching on Netflix?
Jupiter’s Legacy: Is It Worth Watching on Netflix?

What is Jupiter’s legacy based on?

The plot is based on the first superheroes from the 1930s. After some years, they pass on their legacy to a new generation of heroes, and now it’s up to these people to take the mantle of justice. It explores the struggles and growth of these newfound heroes as they dive into the world of justice.

It’s sort of a coming of an age story where the kids of the first superheroes chase their parent’s glamour but in doing so stumble across many hurdles. As time progresses they become stronger and slowly claim the reputation like their predecessors.

Who is in the cast of Jupiter’s Legacy?

The main cast of the show includes Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Andrew Horton, Elena Kampuris, Mike Wade, and Matt Lanter in their superheroes role. The show’s creator is Steven D. DeKnight who is also famous for his movie Pacific Rim: Rising.

Jupiter's Legacy – Is It Worth Watching on Netflix?
Show Stars Josh Duhamel

What Are Expert’s Opinion?

The famous critic website Rotten Tomatoes has given the show rating of 36% over 28 reviews and a score of 5.48/10 which is pretty underwhelming one would say. Similarly, Metacritic had a similar reaction with a rating of only 45 out of 100 based on 14 reviews.

Some of the other renowned experts also had their say on the TV show. Most of them were pretty mixed but there are some aspects of the show that everyone praised.

Jupiter's Legacy – Is It Worth Watching on Netflix?
Rotten Tomatoes Score is 5.48/10

Daniel Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter said that “Throughout, I kept feeling like I’d missed key pieces of plot of character development and I kept checking to see if I’d skipped episodes.” This has been a common point in most of the reviews. Many feel like the progression and pace of the story are largely mishandled.

From IGN, David Griffin said, “Jupiter’s Legacy doesn’t quite reach the theatrical-quality heights of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but it does do an adequate job of capturing the spectacle of demigods trying to tear each other apart.” The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is a popular series recently released on Disney + which follows the events after Avenger: Endgame.

The general feeling from critics indicates that they’ve had issues with the plotline and progression of the story. However, in regards to production, there have been very few sore eyes. Overall the show has kept its superhero vibe intact and the fans of the comic book have loved the show.

Jupiter’s Legacy trailer

Jupiter’s Legacy official trailer

So Is It Worth the Watch on Netflix?

We recommend you watch everything present on Netflix and Jupiter’s Legacy is no exception. Whatever Netflix produces has the highest quality of production, the plot and characters are a second thing.

If you’re a superhero movie enthusiast, Jupiter’s Legacy is a top recommendation from us. Or if you’re someone who desires something more to the story apart from mindless action then Jupiter’s Legacy is exactly your cup of tea.

Did you watch Jupiter’s Legacy? What are your opinions on the show? Are the critics blowing things out of proportion or is their opinion valid? Comment your thoughts down below. Follow us on our social media accounts for all the latest updates on TV shows and movies.

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