Jupiter’s Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained Breakdown

Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained Breakdown
Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained Breakdown

The recently premiered Netflix Superhero TV show Jupiter’s Legacy surely had everyone on their wits with its ending for season 1. Based on the comic of the same name by Mac Millar, the show saw an exciting conclusion to its first outing which will keep fans questioning up until the next release comes out. The first season of the show adapted about 2 issues of the comic so there’s still a lot to cover.

Today in this blog we are going to attempt to explain the ending of Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. In addition to that, we will also be discussing what to expect more in the future. Let’s dive into it.

Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained Breakdown
Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1

Background on Jupiter’s Legacy

The story focuses on Sheldon Samson who suffers a huge economic setback due to a crash in Stock Market. His father commits suicide and things don’t go well for Sheldon. He starts getting a vision of an island, calling his name, in his dreams. He visits the Island which leads him to a portal and once coming out of it, he along with others acquires superhero powers.

Fast forward to the current timeline, Sheldon leads a group called Union of Justice which includes his friends and members of his family. Things turn ugly and there is a falling out between the members due to certain incidents. The clash of ideologies takes place which leaves everything shattered.

Walter, Sheldon’s brother wants to break the code established by his brother of not killing anyone or getting involved in politics. He tries to create an environment for Sheldon’s son Brandon where he could convince him about outdated views of his father.

Walter’s Fate in Season 1

Walter doesn’t like his brother’s view and wants to create an uprising to disrupt the hierarchy of the union. To achieve this he creates Blackstar’s clone to attack Sheldon. After killing three friends of Sheldon, the Blackstar is finally defeated by Sheldon’s son Brandon.

However, in doing so, Brandon almost breaks the code established by his father. With doubts unfurling over his mind regarding his father’s ideology, his state of mind is in dismay.

Meanwhile, Walter’s daughter Raikou discovers the sinister truth about her father. She realizes his ultimate goal and finds out it’s her father who has been the true enemy. Now that Walter’s secret is out in the open, it will be interesting to see other characters approach him.

What Happened With BlackStar?

BlackStar in Jupiter’s Legacy

To eliminate Union, BlackStar caused havoc that reduced the heroes to the last resort. However, Brandon’s heroics helped him protect his father and beat the enemy in front of him to the pulp. He doesn’t resort to killing him even after knowing the dangers he emitted.

After all, it’s his father’s ethical code that doesn’t allow for killing. In any case, BlackStar is alive but his fate rests in the hands of Union.

Skyfox’s Grudge

Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained Breakdown
George AKA Skyfox

In the past timeline, George and Sheldon are shown to be good buddies. However, after some time they had a falling out and he dismantled the group. Fast forward to the current timeline, we get to know that George has some twisted beliefs.

As of now, we don’t know the real reason for his breakaway from the group but it seems like there is a grudge of some sort. Hopefully, the next season will put more light on this subject as we discover new plotlines.

What do you think will happen with Walter now that his secret is out? Will Brandon be able to hold on to the ethics established by his father? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. Like Jupiter’s Legacy, we post about other TV shows on our social media platforms, make sure to follow us.

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