Julian Assange case exposes ludicrous justice and media betrayal

Julian Assange rally extradition wikileaks

Julian Assange continues to suffer under farcical charges and a predatory system, and the media chooses to looks the other way.

(Image: AP/Francisco Seco)

The treatment being handed out to Julian Assange would be called a farce if there were anything the least bit funny about it.

The WikiLeaks founder has returned to a UK court for the beginning of extradition proceedings against him by the US government. This was initially on 17 charges under the US’ Espionage Act and one computer charge, carrying a total of 175 years prison. Other accusations have since been added to round out the indictment, some very recently. 

From the start, the Assange case has utterly exposed the ludicrous claims to justice of the extradition system. This session was no exception.

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