Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 Spoilers, Recap, and Discussions

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 Spoilers, Recap, and Discussions
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 Spoilers, Recap, and Discussions

The raw scans for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 151 spoilers are available and it saw an extended fight between Naoya and Maki. As the fans expected, the entire chapter covered the fight between the two with Maki emerging victorious.

Even though he’s an antagonist, one would pity Naoya. He’s always getting bullied by characters left and right and this time it was Maki who sort of made him a punching bag. In any case, Maki threw away another hurdle in her path of destruction and likely move forward.

Let’s take a look at Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 151 spoilers, recap, and discussion.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 Spoilers, Recap and Discussion

Naoya’s Past

Naoya was meant to become the head of the Zenin Clan. Even during his childhood, everyone told him how great of a potential he had. But along the way, we have come to realize his strength amounts to nothing. Many times he has been bested by his opponents. Maybe it’s because of his arrogance or he’s just weak.

Even in her match-up against Maki in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 151, he drew the short straw. A man who had the next Zenin Clan leader written all over him is now just another member of it. Such is the sorry state of Naoya.

Naoya’s Past

Naoya vs Maki – What Happened?

After the last chapter’s faceoff, both Naoya and Maki didn’t take much time to engage in a battle. Looking at Maki, it didn’t seem like she would lose. However, Naoya started overwhelming her right from the start. He started tossing her around the rock and smash her into the ground.

But even after that Maki didn’t particularly look flustered. Maybe Mai did change Maki’s combat prowess. Naoya was attacking her left and right but she was right in her mind preparing to deliver a final blow.

It didn’t take more than a single punch for Maki to knock down Naoya. Naoya’s arrogance once again got in his way and he suffered a humiliating defeat. Maybe he underestimated Maki and didn’t forecast his steps. As of now, his face is completely in shambles and it would probably require surgery to repair it.

Why did Naoya Lose?

Naoya could’ve won if he didn’t mistake Maki for a fake. Maki stated that with her new body, she could finally see the movements of Naoya. She caught him off guard while he was en route to attack her. With a decisive single punch, she drilled Naoya right into the ground.

It wasn’t a sight Naoya would appreciate but atleast he’ll learn something from this fight.

Why Did Naoya Lose?

What is Naoya’s Cursed Technique?

So we got some expanded information on Naoya’s cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 151. It is a projection-type technique that allows Naoya to split 1 second into 24 frames. It essentially enhances his speed via this and attacks his opponent at quite rapid acceleration.

There’s also another merit to this technique. If he can touch his opponent, they will also have to follow the same rule of 24 frames in 1 second. However, if they were to fail, the opponent will freeze for one second. This is certainly a deadly technique because Naoya would require even less than a second to deliver a decisive blow. However, since Maki was able to see his movements, he wasn’t able to capitalize on the situation and lost.

Who’s the next person that Maki will face? Is there anyone in Zenin Clan that can put an end to her? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152 release date is June 13th if there’s no delay. You can read the manga on either Viz Media or Mangaplus.

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