Judd Apatow Swears The Penis In Silent Tough Belongs To A renowned Director

Judd Apatow Swears That The Penis In Walk Hard Belongs To A Famous Director

Therefore, naturally, this really asks the obvious question, that can this stunt penis flipped manager potentially be? In fact, there is a fairly strong candidate. About the DVD launch of Walk Tough: The Dewey Cox Storythere exists a”cockumentary” especially about the spectacle, and in this, a guy named Tyler Nilson asserts to be the person who dropped trou to the scene. IMDb affirms he was at the movie, at the use of Bert. 13 years following the launch of Walk Tough, Tyler Nilson was nominated for a Director’s Guild award along with directing spouse Michael Schwartz for Outstanding Directorial Achievement at First-Time Feature Film to their film The Peanut Butter Falcon.

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