Judd Apatow into helm untitled pandemic humor movie at Netflix

As Hollywood battles during the COVID-19 pandemic, a few inventive minds are becoming. . .creative. Judd Apatow, whose latest movie THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND went directly for streamingand has signed an exclusive deal with Netflix because of his next job. And guess what? It’s pandemically themed!

The untitled film will be led by Apatow by a script that he co-wrote together with Pam Brady. It’ll stick to a set of actors trapped in a resort during a stunt as they attempt to finish a movie. Netflix is extremely enthusiastic about the job and is allegedly fast-tracking it by meeting actors within the upcoming few weeks.

Resources say this is going to be an outfit project using a throw that might be as large as KNIVES OUT. Can Apatow leverage his foundation of actors Which Range from Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, along with spouse Leslie Mann? I’d be amazed if he did not bring his family and friends together to create this job that could absolutely gain in the improv abilities his films have used previously.

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