Judah Lewis Dating: Check All Latest Updates in 2022

judah lewis dating

Judah Lewis, an American actor of 19 years old, is well-known for his roles in the films The Babysitter, Demolition, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen. He rose to prominence after starring in the film The Babysitter. Lewis is also well-known for his roles in the 2014 television film Deliverance Creek, the 2018 horror film Summer of 84, and the 2019 thriller film I See You, to name a few. Learn about Judd Lewis’s personal life and relationships in the following section.


judah lewis dating

Lewis is the son of acting instructors Hara and Mark Lewis. He is a Jew.

Lewis appeared in the 2014 Lifetime television movie Deliverance Creek.

Lewis was one of six actors who auditioned in May 2015 for the lead role of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which ultimately went to Tom Holland.

Lewis portrayed a supporting character in the 2015 comedy-drama film Demolition. In the remake of the action-thriller Point Break, he appeared briefly as the younger version of the protagonist, Johnny Utah.

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Lewis portrayed a boy being pursued by his babysitter in the 2015 comedy horror film The Babysitter. Netflix acquired the completed film in December 2016 and released it on October 13, 2017.

Lewis co-starred in the 2018 Canadian horror mystery Summer of 84. Lewis played a supporting role in The Christmas Chronicles, a Netflix family film. He co-starred in the 2019 suspense film I See You.

In 2020, he reprised his leading role in the Netflix horror-comedy sequel The Babysitter: Killer Queen. In addition, he reprised his role as Teddy in The Christmas Chronicles 2’s sequel.

Is Judah Lewis Dating?

judah lewis dating

After the trailer for the film The Babysitter: Killer Queen was released, many people began to wonder if Judah Lewis’s character, ‘Cole,’ has a girlfriend. To answer the questions of many of Lewis’s fans regarding the “Judah Lewis girlfriends list,” the following list of possible relationships in Judah Lewis’s life has been compiled from a variety of online resources.

According to distractify, it is presently unknown if Judah Lewis is single or in a relationship. However, he once posted an Instagram photo of Skye Peters in which she was sensuously posing for photoshoots. While the majority of the rest of Judah Lewis’ Instagram photos are behind-the-scenes shots from his shoots, the rest are selfies taken at various filming locations. According to the websites dating celebs and thecelebscloset, Judah Lewis is currently unattached.

“Killer Queen”: Judah Lewis in “The Babysitter”


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In The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Judah Lewis will play Cole Johnson again. Since no one believes him about what happened in the previous film, in which her Babysitter attempted to murder him, he will be surviving high school.

As Cole and his friends venture out for the evening, they will once again encounter the blood cult. Melanie will be his romantic interest in the satirical horror-slasher film.

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Bee, portrayed by Samara Weaving, is the Satanic Babysitter who brings her cult members to Cole’s (Judah Lewis) home to perform a satanic ritual while his parents are away. Samara Weaving portrays Bee in the first installment of the film.

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