Josh Flagg Plastic Surgery: Million Dollar Listing’s Starrer Denies the Fact!

josh flagg plastic surgery

For his role as Josh Flagg on Million Dollar Listing, he is best recognized. Additionally, despite closing multiple real estate purchases, his appearance looked to have changed recently, which diverted the attention of Bravo viewers.

Regarding his appearance, there has been a lot of speculation, ranging from whether he has gained or lost weight to inquiries about potential plastic surgery. The most recent unsubstantiated rumors, however, talk about Josh perhaps getting a facelift. We disproved the rumor, matched more recent images to earlier ones, and discovered the truth.

Did Josh Flagg Really Got Plastic Surgery

josh flagg plastic surgery

Josh, 36, has acknowledged that he has had several nose jobs in the past. But he has not verified nor dismissed any of the reports regarding a potential facelift. It’s possible that his face appears narrower because of the rumors that he might be losing weight.

The Daily Mail reports that the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles celebrity has undergone three nose surgeries, the first of which was necessary due to a deviated septum. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016, Josh revealed:

The second was because the first surgeon didn’t do a good enough job, and the third was because it wasn’t flawless, but right now I think it’s a really good nose. Everyone but Josh Flagg denied receiving Botox when host Andy Cohen questioned him and his co-stars about it. He added that he has consumed a “s**t tonne of filler“, on the program.

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Josh Flagg Before and After

In recent months, Josh’s Instagram photographs haven’t undergone any notable changes. He obviously has an extremely narrow forehead, but it doesn’t seem like his earlier frown lines are still visible. The forehead frowns in the video, which was posted in November 2021 on his Instagram, imply that he may have continued receiving filler treatments and may have received a facelift since then. This has not yet been confirmed, though.


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Josh’s face appears to have become smoother in more recent Instagram images. We can already observe that his nose is quite well-lifted, which can now be attributed to his nose jobs, and that he lacks the natural facial lines that a 36-year-old man would typically have.

Josh seems to have a smooth face, though, even looking ahead to the summer of 2021. Fans have developed their own judgments about whether he is maintaining frequent cosmetic procedures or is inherently talented.

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Relationship Between Josh Flagg and Andrew Beyer

Andrew Beyer, who is he?Josh, 36, and Andrew, 24, both work as real estate agents. In terms of his private life, according to E! News, “He looks to be good pals with Olivia Jade, the daughter of Lori Loughlin.” The two may be seen together in a number of Instagram pictures, and tabloids have even assumed they are a couple in the past!


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Josh and Andrew started dating when?
Josh recently told E! News that although the couple has just been dating for 10 months, they have “known each other for years.” When did they formally join Instagram, if at all? May 2022, around two months after Josh made it known that he and Bobby Boyd, his ex-husband, were divorcing.


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