Jolt Ending Explained – Did Lindy Survive?

Jolt Ending Explained - Did Lindy Survive?
Jolt Ending Explained - Did Lindy Survive?

Directed by Tanya Wexler, Jolt is an action comedy film distributed by Amazon Studios. It stars Kate Beckinsale in the lead role while Bobby Cannavale, Jai Courtney, Laverne Cox, and David Bradley act as supporting cast. It was released on July 23rd, 2021 with a total runtime of 91 minutes.

Jolt is centered on a woman named Lindy who suffers from the intermittent explosive disorder. This disorder seems to have stemmed from his parents who were alcoholic and drug abusive. Lindy has to control her behavior to live as a normal human in society. Dr. Munchin came to her aid and provided her therapy required to counter this condition.

Things were looking good for the protagonist, however, they came to halt when she got engulfed into a web of mystery. In the end, Lindy wasn’t able to conquer her restrictive condition. Let’s discuss what happened in the last moments of the movie as we lay down Jolt’s ending explained.

Jolt Ending Explained – Did Lindy Survive?

Jolt Plot

The plot of the movie revolves around Lindy. She had anger issues that would escalate to a deadly level if not contained. She met Dr. Munchin who provides her a vest that would shock her if she ever felt rage. Lindy was starting to control her emotions, courtesy of this therapy.

She decided to go on a blind date where she meets Justin. Dr. Munchin suggests that she get close to Justin because human contact can permanently aid her condition. By his advice, she does so and starts enjoying her life with Justin. However, one day Justin doesn’t return, and turns out he’s dead.

Hunt for Justin

Lindy can retrieve Justin’s phone and have it hacked to reveal its contents. She finds that the last person Justin contacted was his boss and goes hunting him. Through series of events, she discovers that the person who murdered Justin is Gareth Fizel.

Confronting Fizel

Lindy locates Fizel and confronts him. He asks his security Delacroix to get rid of Lindy and he’s able to knock her unconscious. She’s somehow able to escape but it doesn’t stop her to pursue Fizel once again. Lindy also learns that Fizel had deployed a detonator at her house to blow her away.

Jolt Ending Explained – Did Lindy Survive?

Jolt Ending Explained – Did Lindy Survive?

For her second attempt, she once again confronted Fizel. This time too she suffers the same fate. However, she can kill Delacroix and using his finger get into the secret room of Fizel. The turn of events was unexpected when she finds that Justin wasn’t dead.

He was a CIA agent tasked to kill Fizel. He took advantage of Lindy’s condition to eliminate his target. An enraged Lindy kills Justin and blows up the room. Later on, the police arrested her however, dropped all charges because of her condition. At the end of the movie, she meets a mysterious figure who takes control of Lindy.

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