JoJo Siwa: James Charles Makeover Day had been’The Scariest Day of my Life’

It is actually the funniest day of JoJo Siwa‘s lifestyle?! Wow!!!

The YouTube and increased net sensation opened more about her memorable makeover by fellow movie vlogger and net superstar James Charles weekly. As you’ll remember the 17-year-old YouTube character was initially awarded the makeover back in August, so she has now had lots of time to consider exactly how it moved, along with the wake!

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Nicely today, JoJo is starting about this huge day at a fresh interview! On Thursday, she flew with E! News to talk about the episode, which was the jaw-dropping situation that’d Siwa appearing AMAZING later it was over!

JoJo believed as much himself, telling Daily Pop server Carissa Culiner she although the transformation was”quite fairly,” although the teenaged video star also confessed to a critical nerves on the way, also! JoJo clarified more, stating (under ):

“[It was] the funniest day of my entire life! I was scared. It was actually, really, really, indeed, interesting and it was something very, really, really, really, very distinct, [and I] do not like different things. I really don’t enjoy appearing different, I do not enjoy eating different, I do not enjoy doing something different. I really don’t enjoy new items, I do not like different stuff, I prefer to adhere to this program. When it is not broken, do not fix it”

Ha! Interesting!

She is right about if items are not broke, do not mend them, but is not that the entire enjoyment of a makeover, so which you just do something entirely different and toss caution to the end?! Simply saying!!

No matter JoJo advised the socket that if it had been up to her, then she would offer her following makeover Lady GaGa, after doing her very own on Paris Hilton only a couple of months before, shortly after Charles worked his magic . Creating over GaGa… exactly what strain! Discuss iconic appearances and a great deal of thought going into each style and fashion!

No thing, since JoJo has lots ahead even apart from any more possible future makeovers. For starters, she has her vacation EP prepared to fall!  JoJo’s Rockin’ Christmas is going to be outside flowing and in stores shortly, and by the sounds of this she’s actually stoked about that because of her lovers:

“It is so much pleasure. We shot my favourite Christmas tunes and we place a small twist on every one of these to make them a bit more rock and pop.”

Really cute, really! Just do not go fixing Christmas classics which are not broken! LOLz!!!

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