How Do I Utilize the JoinPd.Com Website?


Are you interested in joining the JoinPD community? Are you interested in using JoinPD? We are here to guide you through the Joinpd experience. Read on to learn more.

Let’s begin by learning a bit about JoinPD. It is also known as Pear Deck, a tool designed for educators that enables them to transform their presentations or lectures into interactive materials for students. This became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and also appeals to parents. It was notably helpful in the transition to online education for both students and instructors.

Utilizations of

JoinPD is used primarily for presentations. Users have access to a variety of templates for assistance. Also included are text-based queries, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and even diagrams.

These presentations are frequently beneficial to the students because they are designed to be captivating. It also enables interaction when used to administer tests by posing specific queries. JoinPD is also learner-friendly, as it provides a variety of tools that accommodate various learning methods.

In addition to these features, students can also provide feedback anonymously. Additionally, they can contribute slides to the presentation, enabling them to express their creativity. The ‘Flashcard Factory’ tool is an additional feature that helps students enhance their vocabulary.

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How Do I Utilize Join Pd.Com? is intended for educators and students to create presentations. There are now templates available for this. Therefore, the presentation can be created using either PowerPoint or Google Slides. However, both require the prerequisite Joinpd add-on.

Instructions for Joinpd

Sign in to your account on Joinpd.
Select the “Create a Presentation” option.

Visit Google Slides and select “Add-ons.”
Choose ‘Get add-on’ and install the Pear Deck add-on from the available options.
Select “Open Pear Deck Add-on”
Following the above procedures, you can view the Joinpd-provided preset templates. You can even add draggable queries or MCQs. These presentations can be created using the provided templates or from scratch.

How Do You Access Joinpd.Com?

Since Joinpd sessions are made private, students require an access code to gain entry. This is possible via a Join Link or a code provided by the instructor. The only requirement for the pupil is a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account.

Utilizing Join Code

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 5-digit code given to you by your instructor.
  3. Wait for the interface to load your Session.
  1. You will receive a session-specific email
  2. Click the provided link. Join Link.
  3. It will launch the Pear Deck session into your browser. This will change your perspective to that of a student, allowing you to observe the presentation and answer questions to interact.

How Can I Create a Join Code?

In the event that you are a teacher and wish to create a Join Code, it is essential to understand that you must first create a presentation. Joinpd will generate a Join Code once your presentation is complete. This code may be distributed to anyone, including your students, so that they may access your presentation.

Methods for Creating a Join Code

Sign up for Joinpd or log into your existing account.
Conduct a presentation. Select the option to “Present with Pear Deck.”
Your 5-digit Join Code will be generated and can be distributed to anyone.
This concludes how to use Joinpd. Joinpd is an interactive platform for students and educators to communicate. It is essential for both instruction and learning. One of its greater attributes includes its ease of access. Also, There is a game names Blooket which is similar to JoinPD. On Play Blooket teachers can create interesting Quiz Games for students and provide a Play Blooket Code to students so they can play the game.

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