John Travolta Girlfriend: She Was Suffering from Breast Cancer!

john travolta girlfriend

Actor John Joseph Travolta is American. He first gained widespread recognition in the 1970s, when he starred in the box office hits Carrie, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Urban Cowboy in addition to making an appearance on the television show Welcome Back, Kotter.

John Travolta: Does He Have a Wife?

When discussing John Travolta’s love life, it’s impossible not to be in awe of how amazing his marriage to his wife is. Kelly Preston passed away in 2020 as a result of breast cancer.

In 1989, Kelly and John first connected on the set of The Experts. However, Kelly was still wed to another actor at the time, Kevin Gage, and neither of them would have even considered beginning a relationship that went beyond friendship. Kelly was certain of only one thing: her dissatisfaction with Kevin.

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Let’s just say that my marriage wasn’t all that happy. In an interview with People, she admitted, “I was really dating the wrong person.

Even though Kelly’s marriage to Kevin didn’t last long, she didn’t start dating John right afterward. Before getting married to John, Kelly was involved with Charlie Sheen and George Clooney in two separate relationships.

Given that Kelly had just experienced heartbreak from her past three relationships, it appears like John didn’t spend any time making the initial move to get in touch with her. The rest is history after that.

Kelly and John’s romance developed quickly. Even Kelly was shocked to the point of screaming when John finally proposed to her in 1991 while the two were spending New Year’s Eve in Switzerland. LOL. Producer of Look Who’s Talking Too, Jonathan Krane, disclosed this information to People.

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After Two Years of Fighting Breast Cancer, Kelly Passed Away, and John Had to Deal with Yet Another Loss.

The family has carried to their joyful lives despite John’s greatest loss on Jett. The bad news and rumors had no effect on John and Kelly’s marriage, which had been together for almost three decades. John might not enjoy sharing too much about his private life. He yet continues to show his family his unending love on social media, particularly Instagram.

The images of John celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary on September 5, 2019, are among John’s loveliest posts. The message reads, “Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife @therealkellypreston,” and the picture appears to have been taken at a private, romantic supper they shared in a restaurant. John didn’t add a lengthy and heartwarming statement to go with the picture, but the look of love and happiness in their eyes says it all.

Kelly also replicated the action on her Instagram feed. She expressed her gratitude for John’s unwavering devotion in the caption. She wants them to be together forever.

Sadly, that hope will never come true because Kelly passed away in July of last year following a two-year fight with breast cancer. That depressing news was shared by John on his Instagram. People were astonished because neither John nor Kelly had previously disclosed her illness to the public. They had both decided to work together to battle cancer without attracting any notice from the media.

She had been receiving medical care for some time, choosing to keep her battle a secret. Her closest family and friends had been there to support her.

She was a brilliant, lovely, and loving soul who really cared for other people and brought life to everything she touched, John continued. Please be considerate of her family’s need for privacy at this time.

John doesn’t appear to be in a new relationship a year after Kelly passed away. We can see from his Instagram postings that he has been spending time with all of his kids and that he continues to share a lot of throwback photos of his wife. On Kelly’s birthday, John shared some of their earlier pictures with the message, “The kids and I miss her very dearly.”

We wish John and his family the ability to spend as much time as possible together for a very long time without experiencing yet another loss.

John’s First Well-Known Romance Was with Anita Gillette.

When John was beginning his acting career in 1976, he began dating Anita Gillette. The romance was short-lived since John fell in love with Diana the moment he met her that same year.

Besides Anita being John’s first well-known partner, not much was known about this couple.

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