John Preston and David Redhill associate with OIO to establish contest

John Preston and David Redhill partner with OIO to launch competition

John Preston and David Redhill have collaborated with Ocean effect Organisation to establish its inaugural PitchFest 2020 contest.

The statement:

By 2025 Australia’s marine businesses are estimated to donate $100 billion per annum to the market, together with the sea market forecast to grow 3 times faster compared to Australia’s GDP.

Sea Impact Organisation (OIO), co-founded by entrepreneur Nick Chiarelli and environmentalist Tim Silverwood (ex CEO, Take 3 to its Sea), today declared The Ocean effect Pitchfest 2020, a digital occasion calling for applications by startups and scalable companies working to produce a beneficial effect on the ocean.


The finalists and winner of both Pitchfest may discuss in more than 150,000 of money and encourage and unite Australia’s initial Ocean effect Startup accelerator ecosystem.

“The event intends to detect, exhibit and celebrate innovations and innovators together with all the passion, drive and possible to have a substantial positive effect on Earth Sea” states OIO Co-Founder Tim Silverwood.

In cooperation with OIO’s Pitchfest spouses such as: Bank Australia, Deloitte, WWF and Patagonia, case concentrates upon the 2020 UN World Oceans Day theme of’Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean’ and attempts to nurture the next generation of’Ocean Impact’ innovators.

At a joint announcement David Redhill (Global CMO, Deloitte Consulting) and John Preston (Chairman of Publicis Media) stated”Lots of entrepreneurs and conservationists do excellent work to encourage Earth Ocean, but many go awry of lack the service to scale into a successful degree. Ocean effect Organisation and their revolutionary solution to the Ocean effect Pitchfest, brings the community together to showcase their job and offers the chance to win new inspiration, insights and support to carry their idea to another level in the struggle to safeguard the ocean. We feel strongly about this region and professionally and positively encourage this application.”

Pitchfest 2020 is currently accepting applications. If you are working in an idea that can make a beneficial effect on the sea, more info and programs are offered in www.oceanimpact.org/pitchfest2020. Programs are available from 25th August on 5th October 2020 using finalists being announced on 4th November 2020.

to Find out More on Ocean Effect Organisation please see https://www.ocean-impact.org/

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