John Oliver Nearly Cried During His First Time Voting in America

John Oliver Almost Cried Throughout His First Time Voting in America

John Oliver is observing a civic initial. 

Throughout a digital look on The Late Show Monday, the previous Week Tonight host represented on his very first time voting at a United States presidential elections this past year after being an American citizen at December 2019. 

“It had been frankly, it was astonishing,” Oliver informed Colbert. “Placing [the candidates] apart, as a immigrant who’d only obtained his citizenship in December of the this past year, I had been waiting for it to truly feel real–should you fret about your immigration position constantly as well as obtaining your passport still does not feel real as you have never tested it from a strategy ”

Initially, Oliver thought he’d feel the effects of his citizenship if he traveled. “I’d thought that this will definitely feel real when I depart America and that I return and I am treated differently from the machine,” he clarified. But that time did not actually encounter a recent instant in the voting procedure. 

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