Exclusive: Investigating the Rumors: Is John McAfee Really Still Alive?

john mcafee still alive

Several hours after the Spanish National Court ordered his extradition to the United States due to criminal charges brought in Tennessee by the United States Department of Justice Tax Division, On June 23, 2021, McAfee was found dead in his cell in the Brians 2 Prison Complex outside of Barcelona. The Catalan Justice Department claims that everything “indicates” that he committed himself by hanging.. His suicide was verified by an official autopsy.

Once McAfee passed away, suspicions and plots about a potential homicide started to circulate. For instance, John McAfee’s tweet from 2019  declaring “If I committed suicide, I didn’t. I was beaten “increased the possibility that McAfee’s death was not a suicide. McAfee’s death has been linked to the circumstances surrounding the death of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking allegations.

Similar to McAfee, Epstein’s official cause of death was determined to be suicide, although many believe that he was actually murdered. McAfee often asserted that if he were ever discovered hanging, it would prove that he had been killed. His attorney informed reporters the day following his passing that although he frequently kept in touch with McAfee while he was imprisoned, there were no indications of suicidal intent. In her first public statements following her husband’s passing, McAfee’s widow repeated this viewpoint and urged for a “thorough” probe.

On February 13, 2022, a Spanish court ruled that McAfee committed suicide.

Running With the Devil: The Crazy World of John McAfee is a Netflix documentary that was published on August 24, 2022. Samantha Herrera, McAfee’s ex-girlfriend, claimed that McAfee faked his death to escape tax fraud charges.

John McAfee’s Fake Death Claims: Is He Still Alive?

john mcafee still alive

Samantha Herrera, his ex-girlfriend from Belize, claims that he faked his own death, migrated to Texas, and is still alive.

“I’m not sure if I should mention it, but two weeks ago, following his passing, I received a call from Texas saying, “It’s me, John. “Running With the Devil: The Crazy World of John McAfee,” a new Netflix documentary, alleges Herrera: “I hired individuals to pretend that I was deceased, but I am not dead.

According to Herrera, he requested her to flee with him after telling her that “there are only three individuals in this world that know I’m still alive.”

The Post was unable to get in touch with Herrera.

John McAfee, the pioneer of antivirus software, was discovered dead in his detention cell in Barcelona this week, having ostensibly hung himself. McAfee, who was captured playing Russian roulette in 2012, frequently asserted on Twitter that the US government may be responsible for his apparent suicide.

Herrera said that she met McAfee when she was 18 and that their relationship was supposed to lead to marriage. San Pedro, Belize, was home to McAfee. After the mysterious murder of Florida resident Gregory Faull in 2012, McAfee and Herrera departed the nation.

Herrera not only feuded with the subject of the investigation but also persuaded her relative, renowned attorney Telésforo Guerra, to represent him.

He claims that the reason they are chasing him is that he didn’t pay the government off. According to Herrera in the movie, who also claims that McAfee was successful in linking the Belizean government to corruption, “They wanted to injure him, to get rid of him.”

john mcafee still alive

After having a heart attack in Guatemala City, McAfee was able to safely return to the United States with Guerra’s assistance. According to the movie, he split with Herrera soon after and wed Janice Dyson, a former Miami prostitute.

The next year, according to the local press, Guerra passed away. McAfee had playfully warned Guerra, “Unfortunately, you will have a potential criminal in the family now.”

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Her Wife and Filmmaker on His Ex-Girlfriend Claims

john mcafee still alive

Janice McAfee claimed she was not taking the charges in the video seriously in a message to Cointelegraph:

“Because we’re talking about John McAfee, everything is conceivable, but it’s doubtful that he’d be in Texas and that the world would learn about it through a Netflix documentary. Although Texas is a lovely area, I doubt John would want to hide out there given that he was detained in a Spanish jail due to false accusations brought against him by the IRS and the SEC.

Janice McAfee continued, “John McAfee’s life was steeped in controversy and it is only natural that his death is cloaked in scandal.

The day before the documentary was to be released, on August 23, 2022, McAfee’s widow Janice McAfee tweeted a denial of Herrera’s assertion.

Samantha Herrera, McAfee’s ex-girlfriend, alleges in the book Running with the Devil that he faked his own death and is now residing in Texas. Charlie Russell, the filmmaker, said of Herrera’s assertion, “She says that then she looks at the camera, and I can’t tell if she thinks it’s true or not.”

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Nonetheless, Janice McAfee does have some concerns about how John died. She is currently battling the Spanish authorities to allow access to his remains so that an unbiased autopsy may be carried out a year after he passed away. John McAfee’s body was been kept in a Spanish mortuary till June 23, 2022 [this information was available on esquire.com we do not claim any of the information given regarding his body is correct].


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