John Inverdale Controversy: The Bbc Rio 2016 Broadcaster’s Most Controversial Moments

john inverdale controversy

John Inverdale, an English broadcaster who works for both the BBC and ITV, was born on September 27, 1957, in London.

As a sportscaster for radio, he has done everything from the Olympics to Wimbledon to the Grand National and FIFA World Cup coverage. Presenter of Today at Wimbledon till 2014, he has also hosted television coverage of sporting events such as Rugby Special and Grandstand. The French Open and the Rugby World Cup have been among the tournaments he has covered for ITV.

Since 2013, Inverdale has been involved in various broadcasting scandals that have sparked both criticism and articles in support of him.

Early Years

john inverdale controversy

His father, Captain John Inverdale, was a Royal Navy dental surgeon who played rugby union for Devonport Services in Plymouth, Devon. [required citation] Inverdale received a history degree from Clifton College in Bristol and the University of Southampton in 1979. While at Wessex, he served as an editor of the student newspaper, Wessex News (which is now known as Wessex Scene).

It was in 1982 that he joined BBC Radio Lincolnshire after two years at the Lincolnshire Echo and a post-graduate journalism degree from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

The BBC is standing by John Inverdale despite his string of awkward moments at the Olympics, explaining a comment he made to Andy Murray that was branded as sexist as “a simple error”. When Inverdale asserted that Murray was the first person to win two Olympic tennis gold medals, Murray quickly put him in his place.

Inverdale remarked, “That’s an incredible accomplishment.” Murray said, “I believe Venus and Serena [Williams] have won approximately four apiece.” England vs. France – 15 August 2015 – United Kingdom -br> No merchandising allowed, just editorial use. Photo by Rogan Thomson/JMP/REX/Shutterstock has required attribution

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The Bbc’s John Inverdale Gives a Pitchside Commentary.

john inverdale controversy

United Kingdom vs. France – 15 August 2015 Despite John Inverdale’s claim that he was the first person to win two tennis gold medals, Andy Murray slams it.

Inverdale’s apparent sexism was highly hailed on social media by the Scot, who earlier this year had become a feminist after experiencing firsthand the “criticism and prejudice” his former coach Amelie Mauresmo had faced.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was one of the champion’s admirers, tweeting: “It was a simple error,” a BBC Sports spokesman said of Inverdale’s Olympic duties following the blunder.

Sir Steve Redgrave, the five-time Olympic medalist who co-hosted coverage of the rowing with Inverdale, has had a string of difficult moments at the Rio Olympics, with Inverdale getting on Redgrave’s nerves.

To be fair, Redgrave’s stature and weight were no match for Inverdale’s, but he will have to be on his best behavior in front of the camera for the BBC’s coverage.

IBF Heavyweight and Olympic Champion Anthony Joshua, Who Stands 1.98m and Weighs 106kg, Will Be His Opponent.

john inverdale controversy

The rower walked off the set live on TV after pulling a face at Inverdale on Thursday, setting off a chain reaction of hostility between him and Redgrave that lasted for several days.

Many individuals took to Twitter to congratulate the 29-year-old for “reminding” Inverdale of the existence of women as a result of the interaction.

When it came to praising Murray, there was no shortage of criticism for Inverdale, who has previously been accused of sexism by social media users. Inverdale offered a personal apology to tennis player Marion Bartoli in 2013 after wondering if her father had told her “you are never going to be a looker.” Inverdale wrote the apologies personal

He pondered whether or if Bartoli’s father had told her when she was a child, “Listen, you’re never going to be attractive.” Inverdale’s remark came after Bartoli won Wimbledon.

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In Order to Compensate for The Fact that You’re Not Going to Be Like a Sharapova or Have Long Legs, “you Have to Work Hard.”

john inverdale controversy

Recently, tennis player Nick Kyrgios of Australia was called “a character from the Jungle Book” by Inverdale, who once again raised eyebrows on social media

“I believe the term used here is lumber. Kyrgious “lumps off like a character from the Jungle Book,” exclaimed Inverdale as he left Centre Court following his defeat by Murray in straight sets.

Sir Steve Redgrave, the five-time Olympic medalist who is co-presenting coverage of the rowing alongside Inverdale, was also a target of Inverdale’s ire this weekend. Redgrave walked off the stage live on TV on Thursday after making a face at Inverdale. Redgrave appeared to purposefully shake a wet umbrella over Inverdale the following day

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