John Fogerty Demands Donald Trump Stop Playing’Fortunate Son’

John Fogerty Demands Donald Trump Stop Playing 'Fortunate Son'

John Fogerty is outraged President Trump is Enjoying one of His Own very personal Music at Work Agendas, since the Tune Really takes aim at people Such as him.

Fogerty says he is issuing a cease and desist order… demanding that Trump and also co. refrain from enjoying Creedence Clearwater Revival’s enormous hit,”Fortunate Son.”

Fogerty, that enjoyed the tune in the band as a solo performer, made it apparent it is private…”I wrote this song as a veteran, I had been hypothesized that many folks were permitted to be deducted from serving our nation since they had access to political and fiscal liberty. Additionally, I wrote about wealthy individuals not enjoying with their fair share of taxation.”

John made it obvious he does not support DT. There are other efforts for Trump to quit playing different tunes at his agendas, however, the legislation permits it. Nonetheless, the artists may voice their displeasure.

As you might be aware, Trump never served in the army because he obtained a deferment — a student deferment, after which a 1-Y deferment later he had been diagnosed with bone spurs. And, he grew up at a home of liberty, something Fogerty sings . To put it differently, Donald Trump was a lucky son.

By the way… for those who have not discovered”Fortunate Son,” give it a tune. It is excellent.

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