John Edwards: Killer father kept’big machete’ beneath bed

John Edwards: Killer dad kept ‘large machete’ under bed

An inquest has discovered the frightful collection of motives Olga Edwards wished to conceal her speech in the ex-husband.

John Edwards gunned down 15-year old Jack and 13-year old Jennifer on July 5, respectively 2018, in the northwest Sydney house where they lived together with mom Olga. Then he killed himself.

Olga, who took his life five weeks after, had fought hard to maintain the West Pennant Hills leasing address a key in the ex-husband.

On Thursday afternoon, a coroner exploring the household tragedy discovered her horrifying collection of reasons .

Peter Fowler, that behaved for Olga from the sour Family Court event that preceded the murders, read in an affidavit she’d registered in the event.

Edwards maintained a”sizable machete” beneath his mattress and Olga along with the kids feared for their safety because of his anger,” Mr Fowler explained.

Camera IconSuperintendent Anthony Bell has been delivered to”change” the gun after Jack and Jennifer Edwards were killed. Charge: Supplied

Jennifera gentle beast enthusiast, was scared of her daddy, who would occasionally appear without warning in her college or in public occasions, Mr Fowler explained.

“She had been with her mum selling cupcakes to increase cash for the RSPCA in a shopping center and then he turned up”

Edwards had indicated that he understood Jennifer’s moves for to college — a terrifying precursor into the murders, he perpetrated after devoting his daughter home from the railway station.

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Edwards had a adult child who died from an overdose at 2002, among 10 kids he fathered with seven distinct women.

On the anniversary of this passing every year, he’d threaten to Olga he was planning to move and kill the kid’s mother because”she had taken the kids away from him”, Mr Fowler explained.

“This was some thing Olga had discovered annually of this connection. That bore in her head,” Mr Fowler said.

“All that resulted in a decision, to important anxieties on her role, which she had been stalked by him.

“My interactions with Olga over the years left me without a doubt if she understood that he was allowed a firearms license she’d have transferred, taken the kids from the existing schools.”

Camera IconFriends along with mourners left flowers away from the home where Jack and Jennifer were stalked and murdered by their own father. Charge: News Corp Australia, Flavio Brancaleone

Edwards taken Jack and Jennifer having a Glock pistol, among five firearms he owned after being awarded a license in mid-2017.

On the afternoon prior to the murders, he gathered two pistols he saved at St Marys Pistol Club to get”sports shooting”.

Based on a worker he was clearly flustered, slamming the door into his rifle so hard that it jammed and must be repaired using a screwdriver.

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Superintendent Anthony Bell advised the inquest there was no regulation allowing the club to stop Edwards or some other person from getting their registered firearms, even when they had been clearly agitated.

“If the guns do not belong into the bar, the team does not have any ability to limit access to these guns covered by laws,” he explained.

Camera IconJohn Edwards gathered two pistols out of St Marys Pistol Club prior to murdering his children. Charge: Supplied

Mr Bell, a leading cop sent into”change” the gun two weeks following the Edwards murders, stated it would be tricky to govern this type of legislation, for example, by requiring individuals give a motive when carrying their guns.

“What is to prevent him telling them anyway then going and doing exactly what he did?” He explained.

As well, he indicated that putting more strict requirements on rifle club may direct more people to shop firearms in the home.

However he included some change that improved public security”would assist”.

Mr Bell explained the registry obtained 300 software each week to get gun licences, the majority of these for recreational shooting.

He predicted for each gun owner to be fingerprinted.

“We take action to get locksmiths. But we do not take action for firearms licences.”

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Camera IconEdwards gathered two pistols he saved at St Marys Pistol Club on July 4, respectively 2018, the afternoon prior to the murders in the shore Sydney house where Jack and Jennifer lived with mom Olga. Charge: News Corp Australia, Flavio Brancaleone

Mr Bell said when he came in the registry 2018,”most” of employees were perplexed about how to spot whether somebody had been a”fit and proper person” for a gun owner and had no coverage to check at.

“In the absence of the advice, I discovered that the majority of the staff fought with this application of this supply,” he explained.

Camera IconSuperintendent Anthony Bell envisioned departing Lidcombe Coroners Court. Charge: News Corp Australia, NCA NewsWire/Damian Shaw

He insisted that it was a”heartland” part of the project, but couldn’t state how something really basic went undercover.

Earlier Edwards has been awarded a license, a clerk believed his authorities database file, which included a very long history of domestic violence events.

“That wasn’t a line chunk telephone about if John Edwards was so fit and appropriate – that ought to have been a simple choice, right?” Counsel assisting the coroner Kate Richardson SC requested.

“It might have been around for me personally, yes,” Mr Bell responded.

The inquest persists.

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