John Edwards: Evil dad exhibited’World’s Greatest Daddy’ shirt after shooting children

John Edwards: Evil dad displayed ‘World’s Greatest Daddy’ shirt after shooting kids

When police came to arrest John Edwards for murdering his own kids, they found that a gruesome spectacle along with a last message from the killer.

After shooting dead his 2 kids, John Edwards place a shameful T-shirt onto a cable hanger and hung off it a chest of drawers at the base of the bed.

Three phrases have been published on the top:”World’s Greatest Daddy.”

The sickening scene was first detected by officers that arrived in John’s Normanhurst house, at Sydney’s northwest, to detain him for the murders.

They found him dead in his bed after taking his own lifetime.

Camera IconJohn Edwards wrapped a’World’s Greatest Daddy’ T-shirt prior to taking his own life in his Normanhurst house. Charge: News Corp Australia

“I feel this T-shirt was strategically set on the face of the chest of drawers therefore that it may be noticed when entering the sack,” Detective Sergeant Tara Phillips wrote in her announcement.

It had been John’s twisted closing action from the cold-blooded murders of both kids Jack and Jennifer, calculated to inflict excruciating pain on his own ex-wife Olga following a bitter break.

On Monday, a coronial inquest started into the dreadful murder-suicide that stunned Australia two decades back.

Camera IconJack, 15, along with Jennifer Edwards, 13, have been murdered in a horrible murder suicide 2018. A coroner is investigating the catastrophe. Charge: Supplied

Olga composed at a family affidavit at 2016 of her”enormous fear” she’d one day return home to discover her 15-year old son dead in the hands of his dad.

Her nightmare became a reality on July 5, 2018.

The complete scope of 67-year old John’s wicked plan was laid bare for the first time .

Following the prosecution battle, he was not intended to understand where his children were residing.

In his post-mortem that a bloodstained piece of newspaper 13-year-old Jennifer’s train schedule and moves printed on it had been discovered in his own pocket.

Authorities haven’t figured out exactly how he obtained it and guess he might have hired a detective.

However, John burnt his tablet computer and cellular phone before he expired, cutting possible prospects.

Camera IconDetective Sergeant Tara Philips said authorities suspect John Edwards might have employed an private investigator to monitor his daughter. Charge: News Corp Australia, Adam Yip

From the days prior to the murders, he hired a nondescript leasing auto his kids would not recognise.

He picked up two firearms from St Marys Pistol Club. He had been at an flustered mood, hammering the door to his pistol locker so tough that it awakened and had to be repaired with a screwdriver.

On the day of July 5he lay in wait for over one hour in Pennant Hills railway station before visiting Jennifer.

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His rental car was recorded on CCTV tailing her bus, then her eight-minute walk in the halt into a West Pennant Hills house.

Occasionally 4. ) 59pm, since Jennifer was penetrating the home, John dragged up. Indoors, he chased 14 rounds in to his children using a Glock semiautomatic. Their bodies have been discovered crumpled under Jack’s desk. By 5. 01after that he had been gone.

Camera IconOlga remained in the Hull Rd house where her kids died because’it had a number of Jack and Jenny inside’. Charge: News Corp Australia

Olga, who emigrated from Russia to wed John if she had been 19, was abandoned in an unfathomable universe of pain.

She stayed in the Hull Rd house because”it had a number of Jack and Jenny inside”.

She showed photographs in the morgue for her physician, wanting desperately to rebuild her children’s final moments according to their own bullet wounds.

She also took her own life in December 2018, elderly 37.

Camera IconOlga Edwards has been a’bright’ and’remarkable’ attorney, her former manager said. She also took her own life in December 2018. Charge: Supplied

An inquest into the disaster that this week demonstrated Olga was the final of seven girls, along with Jennifer and Jack the most youthful 10 kids, that had the misfortune of calling John Edwards household at some point or another.

Six of the seven ex-partners interviewed following the murders advised of physical or psychological abuse.

John enjoyed their hair , their skirts brief, and their kids fearful, the inquest heard.

One ex-partner split with him after he brazenly shacked up with a different girl on a family vacation to America.

Still another was scared of him changed her name and moved to Queensland to eliminate.

Five of these, and a grownup daughter also, reported allegations of violence or against the authorities.

However, this history wasn’t sufficient to dissuade the guns recorder by approving John a gun permit in middle -2017.

Camera IconJohn Edwards has been awarded a gun permit in middle -2017 despite several allegations of raping and violence from ex-partners. Charge: News Corp Australia

He’d only 1 certainty on his own rap sheet for attack and malicious harm in 1969.

The remaining complaints were a combo of three interim apprehended violence orders, yet another closing AVO, along with police reports.

Earlier John has been awarded a license, firearms registry employees believed a report generated by means of an algorithmthat the inquest heard.

It did appear three interim and one final AVO, however, omitted a danger of kidnapping and violence recorded from John’s fifth largest ex-partner at 1997.

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Additionally, it missed just two recent reports produced by Olga, as a result of authorities bungles.

A succession of cops out of Hornsby police station took the stand this week to spell out the numerous mistakes they made in documenting her complaints.

Camera IconOfficers out of Hornsby police channel misrecorded complaints from Olga Edwards, the inquest heard. Charge: News Corp Australia

Following Olga reported John had attacked Jack and Jennifer, she had been requested to bring the children to the channel.

After she did not, her criticism was tagged”no offence discovered” and shut without further evaluation, the inquest heard.

The officer noted the report down as a potential”premeditated attempt” from Olga to affect family court proceeding.

This ran against NSW Police domestic violence regular processes, and also the officer who dealt with Olga read for the very first time since she gave signs.

Camera IconJack Edwards, 15, bore the brunt of the father’s wrath. His mother reported attack allegations to the authorities. Charge: Supplied

fourteen days after, at a scene straight out of a horror movie, Olga started her eyes after laying in a 6am”hot yoga” course to see John standing behind her, also reflected from the woods lining the studio walls.

She travelled back into Hornsby police station and met a different officer, who informed the inquest that he believed her criticism was a”tit-for-tat” around who got to move to that yoga course.

Counsel assisting the coroner Christopher Mitchell requested himWasn’t it applicable John was looking at Olga?

“Yep but I do not know whether you’ve ever been to a yoga course,” that the constable replied. “They all face in 1 direction”

Whether something could have been different if authorities had reacted appropriately to Olga’s accounts is just one of many inquiries Coroner O’Sullivan is trying to reply.

How in the world John has been allowed a gun license is just another. Firearms registry employees are one of the 40-bizarre witnesses supposed to be predicted.

Both firearms and NSW Police say they’ve made adjustments to their own systems because Jack and Jennifer expired.

Also under scrutiny will be that the Family Court, in which Olga and John were locked in an acrimonious struggle from April 2016 into February 2018.

An children’s attorney appointed to urge for Jack and Jennifer insisted that the children told they wanted to visit their daddy in front of a hearing in December 2016.

That was”sudden”, counsel assisting the coroner Kate Richardson SC responded, since Jack and Jennifer told everybody else involved with the situation he feared him.

Camera IconOlga and John were locked in an acrimonious family court conflict against April 2016 into February 2018. Charge: Supplied

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An interim arrangement which the children see John each Saturday for 3 hours was not stuck to, the teens old enough to vote with their toes.

Olga acquired full custody Valentine’s Day 2018.

Her departure isn’t officially being researched at the inquest, however, her attempts to protect her kids from John have swallowed a lot of the signs.

Her boss recalled her bright and remarkable solicitor, along with her yoga teacher as somebody with a”joyful, light, joyous” character.

Jack was a smart and endearing small boy who fought — no miracle — with college and his behavior in his adolescent years.

A former instructor sobbed about the witness stand, thus educated her voice deciphered because she’d taken the oath, as she recalled Jennifer.

The most”kind and gentle” woman will station her wisdom and love of creatures into becoming a vet.

However Jennifer, whose middle name was Angel, could not get any older than 13.

Camera Icon’Kind and tender’ Jennifer will station her wisdom and love of creatures into becoming a vet, a former educator said. Charge: Supplied

About 5pm on July 5, 2018, Bruce Wilson was watching the sunset in his rear veranda, because he does each evening, in which a”almighty bang” pierced the tranquillity.

He set down his cup of java and walked next door, hearing bangs since he travelled.

That said, he watched a guy walk from Olga’s home and peacefully move down the staircase, not utilizing the handrail.

Mr Wilson understood something horrible had just triumphed. He eyeballed the stranger, then decided to devote to memory his own hair color, build along with also the contours of the face.

“What do you do?” He inquired, as the guy walked directly towards him. He did not get a response.

The guy proceeded forcefully to his car and backed out of the driveway so gradually Mr Wilson, continued to scrutinise him through the window, kept rate.

Camera IconNeighbour Bruce Wilson was watching the sunset after he first heard the first gunshot. Charge: News Corp Australia, Adam Yip

This was possibly the previous discussion John Edwards had another human being until he came home, built his pitiful T-shirt tribute to himselfand finished his personal life.

Mr Wilson saw the car disappear in the distance. He then retraced John’s measures up into the entrance doorway of the home, and ceased.

It felt spooky,” he explained. Demonic. He had been temporarily paralysed through an abysmal drive. He then took a couple of steps inside.

“I cried out, is everybody OK? Are you OK in there?” He explained.

However there was just silence.

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