Joe Theismann Wants To Speak To Dak Prescott, Assist Him Yield From Devastating Injury

Joe Theismann Wants To Talk To Dak Prescott, Help Him Return From Devastating Injury
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Joe Theismann sustained among Their most devastating Accidents in NFL history… and the former Celebrity QB Would like to Assist Dak Prescott Recuperate from his Grisly Foot injury.

TMZ Sports spoke to the prior Washington signal-caller roughly 27-year old Prescott’s potential… following the Cowboys quarterback suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle during Sunday’s game against the NY Giants.

“I felt really bad for [Prescott]. You hate to see anyone get hurt like this. Though the team was not doing well, Dak was getting an unbelievable year, and I just hope he’s gonna return.”

Whatever you will need to learn more about the warrior Dak Prescott is… he’s what is later identified as a compound fracture of the ankle.

. . .and he slams his feet on the floor, attempting to knock it into position.

The guy has zero stop . Total stop.pic.twitter.com/hLbJ5NXCKB

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) October 12, 2020 @MikeLeslieWFAA

Obviously, Theismann’s leg had been snapped (he had a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula) by Lawrence Taylor throughout a”Monday Night Football” game in 1985… finishing Joe’s profession.

JT’s harm occurred 8 years prior to Dak was born… but Joe understands exactly what Prescott is moving through, plus that wishes to help.

“I would like to hit out to Dak,” Theismann informs us.

“Matter factI put feelers out to see whether it is a risk I may be able to have a talk with him and inform him regardless of what you go through emotionally, you are gonna undergo this and you are gont be fine.”

Above all, Joe says that he considers Prescott — that underwent successful operation Sunday night in TX — may come back to the area and are still among the very best QB’s in the entire world.

“I do not understand exactly what The Cowboys are gonna perform concerning the economics of the scenario, but to me personally, I truly don’t care. I truly care about Dak having the ability to return and become the football player he wishes to become, and that I understand he is gonna be amazing.”

“I am already kind of enthusiastic about his potential going ahead”

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