Joe Exotic’s husband Dillion admits that he had been a drug addict when they marry

He married Joe Exotic two weeks when they met, their whirlwind courtship chronicled on Netflix’s hit series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness.

Today Dillion Passage has started for the very first time for his connection with all the memorable celebrity of the viral movie collection, providing his very first complete meeting on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live.

Dillion, 24, confessed that he was hooked on prescription medication if he met his prospective spouse on homosexual dating site Grindr fourteen days until they marry December 11, 2017. 

wedding: Dillion Passage, center left, together with Joe Exotic, center right, in their wedding in December 2017, as observed on Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness

‘Quarantine and chill’: Dillion is awaiting the pandemic at Florida, in which he had been employed as a resort barman

Saying he had been hooked on’prescribed narcotics’ and especially’Xanax’ in the moment, Dillion reported the union – Joe’s fourth – has been a kind of’rehabilitation’ because of him. 

‘I had been in a very bad spot in my life Once I met Joe,”’ he explained ‘ I had been traveling through things. I had been an enthusiast and being about the animals sort of gave me some goal. I felt as though I had been doing anything with my own life, it had been just like my very own little rehabilitation.’

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As well as also the Florida-based bartender does not have any doubts about his hurried wedding into the 57-year-old former zookeeper and one third presidential candidate, who’s currently serving a 22-year sentence for his job at a murder-for-hire plot.

‘I really do adore Joe, he has been there for me during my darkest days and I am not only going to leave him if he needs me ‘ 

asserted he’certainly jumped the gun’, Dillion additionally insisted,’I am not conscious of it at all’.

Husband: Dillion has no regrets regarding his hurried wedding into the 57-year-old former zookeeper and one third presidential candidate, who’s currently working out a 22-year sentence for his job at a murder-for-hire storyline

And while Cohen appeared confused about the handsome young bartender would wed Joe, Dillion stated it was not for the cash – showing he signed a prenup.

‘He had been simply super sweet for me and that he came off as really real, a great down to earth man,’ he informed Cohen of’charismatic’ Joe. 

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‘I was not following anything Joe had. All I needed to do is stay home and look after my creatures’

And Dillon’s household accepted the connection.

‘My mother was shocked initially, she had been like,”He is too old as me, we are the exact same age!”

‘However, I mean that they were cool with this, they were not judgmentalthey were quite receptive to using Joe at the household.’

Dillon, who’s waiting from the coronavirus pandemic in Florida, in which he works as a resort barman, told Cohen that he had been’very faithful to Joe’.

Both still talk a number of times each day.

‘We talk three to four times daily,’ explained Dillion, though he disclosed Joe is now not able to use a telephone while he waits out a 14-evening Covid-19 quarantine after transferring to another jail. 

‘A kind of rehabilitation’: Dillion adored his lifetime with Joe in the zoo

While significant medication usage at Joe Exotic’s zoo is alluded to about the Netflix show, Dillion claims to have observed no signs of the.

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He explained:’Joe never encouraged me to do some other medication, I smoked a little marijuana but that has been it.

‘I frankly knew nothing about medications in the playground, all I did was stay indoors and look after my infant animals and walk round the playground ‘  

Dillion defended Joe, stating:’Joe, he is a excellent man. He could have made some funny decisions and that I know that he regrets them he would do anything to people in need.’

And he also explained Joe was thrilled with his newfound enthusiasm.

‘He is in prison so he cant watch [Tiger King], however when the series dropped he had been getting hundreds and hundreds of emails with his own jailmail, he is enjoying the eye a good deal.’


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