Joe Exotic’s attorneys reveal Tiger King’s ailing health, ask a pardon from prison

Joe Exotic’s lawyers reveal Tiger King’s ill health, request a pardon from prison

Joe Exotic’s attorneys have shown the Tiger King’s rapidly diminishing health, since they ask a second pardon to him to be released from prison.

The 57-year old, whose actual name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is working out an 22-year sentence for animal abuse and murder for rent to get a plot to kill his own deadly enemy,” Carole Baskin.

The application had been registered on Tuesday together with the US Department of Justice.

Exotic’s attorneys claim the former fighter breeder asserts his innocence and says that he had been”railroaded and murdered” by many others.

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“Joseph is scheduled to be released from custody 2037; nonetheless, together with his endangered health, he’ll probably die in jail,” attorneys wrote from the 257-page program.

“He further asks a pardon to fix the injustices he’s undergone and also to have the chance to return to supplying significant contributions to his network ”

At a three-page letter obtained by TMZ at June, Exotic maintained he’d be dead in”2-3 weeks” because of an immune disease.

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“As many folks know I had been born with CVID (common variable immune deficiency), maybe not COVID-19, along with hemogamaglobinanemia (sic) and necessary blood infusions every four months,” Separate revealed.

“I am minding [sic] fat, sores will not heal, I will be dead in only 2-3 weeks. It is like I’ve already been sent to death row”

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Exotic, that has worked to get a presidential pardon by US President Donald Trump to quite a few events, became a household name across the globe since the topic of the crazy Netflix documentary, Tiger King, that premiered in March.

The seven-part doco started with a grim sentence: There are more dinosaurs sitting in cages throughout the USA than that are left in the wild.

From there,” Tiger King took audiences in the fierce rivalries which exist among the underworld of significant cat traders across the united states, a planet we’d no idea .

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