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Jobs in Google, they investing $13 Bn in 14 States in the US for new Data Centers & Offices

google jobs

Google investing $13 billion in the US for new data centers and offices

Google, the leading internet service provider all over the world has announced its expansion which is set to go across different states in the United States of America. In the early periods of Wednesday, 13th day in the month of February, there was a release that there will be an expansion of the Google horizon across the US and that Google will be investing 13 billion US dollars in some new offices and data centers all across the United States.


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This expansion is said to go majorly across fourteen states on the United States and this will help to reduce the rate of unemployment and it will also help to equip Young Minds with creative ideas to take Google to a better position and make them stand out among all.

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Jobs in Google

Google which has an estimate hire of 10,000 is set to high more people so as to boost its technological horizon and create better and more challenging activities.

google jobs

Below is the official tweet from the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, that Google will now have offices and data centers in a total of 24 states in the US.

This expansion is believed to open new data centers in different states which includes Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia. This company is also believed to open new offices in states which include Chicago, Detroit, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, Washington State and other areas in California.


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Over the years, Google has been able to invest about 9 billion US dollars to its business and this has given it ahead among its competitors. However, with this development, Google will be providing jobs for ten thousands of individuals and this will be the second time Google will be having a massive growth outside the region where it’s headquarter is situated. This expansion will give Google the chance to have a presence across twenty-four states in the United States.

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