Jimmy Barnes declares first movie: Story Time

Jimmy Barnes announces first podcast: Story Time

Only once you feel you understand all of Jimmy Barnes’ keys, the most honored rocker and bestselling writer digs even deeper together with his inaugural podcast collection.

Story Time with Jimmy Barnes starts this week, also a six-part series that finds out the storyteller as comfy against the podcast microphone as he’s yelling out stone classics.

The show begins with the launch of the next memoir Killing Time: Short tales in the road home that is published on October 7.

Barnes simplifies the persuasive short stories of Killing Time’s yarns, also twists new ones, together with six unique guests — reputed Australian manufacturing director”Sneaky” Pete McFee, The Living End frontman Chris Cheney, winner golfer Peter Lonard, award-winning writer Debra Oswald, his wife Jane and daughter Mahalia and fellow Glaswegian immigrant and MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo.

The Working Class Man has kept active in his COVID isolation bubbleperforming every along with his wife Jane along with relatives members and friends, also relished the chance to contact fans through the Story Time podcasts. )

“I have done a couple of things on tv, I hosted a series on Triple Mbut the podcast item is a wonderful idea because we have become used to linking with one another on these various platforms throughout the entire COVID lockdown item,” Barnes explained.

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“I had my birthday celebration to Zoom this calendar year, again in April, and we all staged restaurants across the nation and sent the identical wine and food to everyone and partied together on line.

“I enjoy the notion of doing so since the interactions with my partners, if they are chefs or musicians or authors, is a whole lot of fun”

While he could be immortalised at the Australian head due to his strong presence at the concert stage, his Working Class Boy and Working Class Man bestselling memoirs revealed a lot of this rocker’s inner universe.

Along with the Story Time podcasts contribute to his complicated narrative, one which lurches between sudden experiences with history-making characters like legendary American civil rights activist Rosa Parks into his enduring despair over the lack of Snoop along with Oliver, his cherished Schnauzers.

“Everyone has different areas of these which you do not share with the very same individuals,” he explained.

“As a writer, when I sit at the computer keyboard, things suddenly happened to me I had not even thought about myselfyou recall various experiences and unique pieces of these encounters.

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“I have a great deal of stories. ) I have began writing fiction today which is truly hard but I really like writing. It is a horror story and lots of it’s quite near home.”

Story Time also delves into exactly what Jimmy Barnes does if he is not acting or composing books and songs.

Fans are very hooked on not merely his nightly performances with Jane on guitar however the photographs they discuss of the foods they prepare to their loved ones from their backyard harvests, along with the flowers he chooses and fondly arranges for his spouse.


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“People watch me gardening and think’Oh really? And you are gardening in these slippers?’ Folks simply laugh. If you had mentioned to me personally 20 years back that I would do gardening, I’d have gone’F… away, not likely to take place,”’ he joked.

“I truly don’t like it much but I really like the results, I really like to walk outside there and watch those gorgeous things. I simply help it and I understand how to harvest and organize it and also make it seem great so that I receive kudos from Jane.

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“I’d not have believed I’d get anything out of gardening or cooking”

The podcast could show Barnes and his great partner Zonfrillo regularly trade recipes and discuss a love of large boys kitchen toys.

“Like I have mentioned in the podcastI just utilised to consume for gasoline and only when I needed to — when there were additional fuels, I would accept it,” he explained.

“I can not think now of just how small food intended to me we did not have a lot once I was young — but everything you learn is that you cooperate, is that as your audio tastes grow, so can your food preferences.

“After you encounter that, you can not return, you are always bettering your palette”

Story Time With Jimmy Barnes, sponsored by National Music Writer Kathy McCabe, can start September 12, together with particular bonus movies and trailer sound through storytimewithjimmybarnes.com.au

Killing Time: Short tales in the long road home premiered by Harper Collins on October 7.

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