Jill and Joe Biden Have a Bike Ride Through Transition

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President-elect Joe Biden and Original Lady-in-Waiting Jill Biden Obtained a little exercise Saturday Prior to the transition Group Constructed in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joe and Jill breezed past reporters in their bicycles since they said hey, a warm cheer that hasn’t been forthcoming within the previous 4 decades.

A phalanx of Secret Service agents followed closely below, and it will be an intriguing indication, right? Even though Donald Trump won’t accept the electionthat the Secret Service is surely admitting Biden’s another Prez.

Trump came as soon as he has come Friday to admitting he might have missed the electionbut it is virtually unthinkable he will concede outright.

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TMZ struck the narrative… Trump stands to make a fortune — such as other previous Presidents — making addresses for a thousand dollars a pop. Resources say Trump might be using his own air community that he can utilize as a megaphone for the subsequent 4 decades and run in 2024.

Fascinating times for certain.

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